Shopper reviews Walmart $6 meal

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‘It taste like Chick-fil-A’: Shopper reviews Walmart’s $6 meal, says it’s better than Burger King deals

‘Y’all sleeping on the Walmart popcorn chicken.’


Melody Heald


A popular content creator reviews Walmart’s $6 8-piece boneless chicken wings meal in a viral TikTok. 

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @omereats as he critiques Walmart’s chicken wings meal that includes two sides. The video starts with the content creator driving off to Walmart and heading to Walmart’s deli section. He orders the 8-piece boneless chicken wings meal, which consisted of chicken wings, potato wedges, and mac and cheese for $5.97.

The video shifts to the content creator preparing to try the meal.

“All right, so this is what you get for $6,” he says. First, he takes a bite of the mac and cheese, which he thought was good, describing it as “super creamy” and saying it “tasted like Chick-fil-A just without the top crust.”

He then goes for the potato wedges, which he describes as looking “kind of old and stale.” However, he says the wedges were “not bad” and made him miss KFC’s potato wedges. Finally, he chows down on the chicken and claims he was genuinely surprised that the chicken was “real chicken.”

“For $6, this is definitely a steal,” he concludes the video, comparing it to deals often offered at Burger King.

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The Daily Dot reached out to @omereats via email, TikTok comment, and direct message for more information. The video amassed 982,000 views as of Sunday, where viewers praised Walmart’s deli.

“Those potato wedges are so good fresh!!” one viewer said.

“Walmart chicken tenders are soooooo good. Especially fresh. Targets is even better too if yours has a deli,” a second stated.

“Walmart mac and cheese slaps,” a third agreed.

However, some viewers were surprised that others were just discovering this meal.

“Y’all are just figuring this out. this was my go to meal one some days,” one user shared.

“Why is everyone hopping on this so late. Walmart has been doing this for years and people just slept on it,” a second commented.

“The world is so late on this,” a third wrote.

TikToker @omereats wasn’t the first content creator to go viral after trying Walmart’s 8-piece boneless chicken wings meal. Instead of reviewing the meal, TikTok user @bikelifej used this as a hack to save money.

Update 7:27pm CT, Apr. 3, 2023: During an update with the Daily Dot, @omereats revealed how he purchased his $6 meal from a store in Indiana. His curiosity about whether the meal was real is what led him to buy it.

“I just wanted to see if it was real or not,” he wrote via email. “I would order it again but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it, if that makes sense.”

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