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‘It’s gonna be time to close’: Walmart shopper says 6 customers waited over 45 minutes for associate to open locked shelves

‘Store closes in 20 minutes.’


Jack Alban


A Walmart shopper documented their disdain in being forced to wait for an associate to unlock hair dye they wanted to purchase. They said they waited for over 45 minutes for an associate to show up.

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“Waiting 45 minutes at Walmart for hair dye with 6 other annoyed customers S/O to the girlie I met,” Camo (@camocamille), who has over 2 million followers, wrote in the text overlay of the video. The video has been viewed 643,000 times.

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“Guess I’m not the only one who’s tired of waiting,” Camo says as they walk through the store, referencing someone else in the background who sounds angry.

“Oh my goodness what’s happening in here. Walmart is a different world. Store closes in 20 minutes. Let’s see if I get help before they lock up,” Camo says.

The TikToker then presses a help button several times. An automated voice promises a worker will be there to assist them. Camo looks at the camera and says, “Not fast enough.”

Camo continues to tap the button over and over again.

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“I just need to dye my hair,” Camo says.

Another shopper in the area complains they’ve been waiting for 30 minutes for someone to come and open one of the locked cabinets.

They then spot a worker. “Hey, honey bear, can someone let us in?” Camo asks the employee.

The worker responds that they are new and weren’t given keys to unlock products.

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Camo tells the worker that it isn’t their fault.

“Been about 30 minutes,” Camo says, speaking into the camera. They note that even the toothpaste and razors are locked up.

Another customer tells Camo they are waiting on a pregnancy test.

Finally, a worker arrives and tells the group, according to Camo, “‘F*ck it. I’m opening every case.’”

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Camo then grabs the hair dye they wanted and says goodbye to the others.

@camocamille Mr. Sam Walton…speak up 📢 #walmart ♬ original sound – CAMO

Camo’s post seemed to resonate with other Walmart shoppers and workers. Some of them expressed how fed up they were with seeing so many of the store’s wares being placed under lock and key.

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“As a Walmart employee, they don’t give us keys to unlock stuff, so half the time we are scrambling to find somebody who does. It’s ridiculous,” one said.

“Regular associates don’t have keys so we have to run all over looking for someone to get a key for y’all and it’s even harder that close to closing time”

Others said it deters them from shopping for specific products at the store.

“Tell me why I don’t even try to buy any makeup or hair products from Walmart anymore because it’s always a damn TREK to find someone with a key,” one shared.

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Camo’s TikTok touches upon a recurring trend among Walmart shoppers, who’ve blasted the chain for putting so many of its products under lock and key. Previously, the Daily Dot reported on a similar incident in which a customer ended up leaving a store without purchasing the $4 battery they came in for because it took too long for an associate to show up.

Other Walmart customers have complained that the store recently started “double locking” items. Once the item is unlocked, workers will then place the items into smaller containers to take up to the front of the store.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart and Camo via email for further information.

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