Restaurant waitress shares dad jokes she uses at work

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‘Ah so we hated everything’: Waitress shares ‘Dad jokes’ she tells at work to get tips

‘My dad would love you, the waitresses never get his jokes’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jul 21, 2023

A restaurant waitress went viral on TikTok for sharing “waitressing bits” she uses while waiting tables at work. The bits she tells, “dad jokes,” are jokes that are normally predictable or corny and are most commonly told by fathers. 

Alexa (@alexxajohnsonn) has started a playlist on her TikTok profile called “Waitressing Bits.” Her original video has reached over 10 million views by Friday morning.

@alexxajohnsonn I have so mwny that i gatekeep i cant help it #seasonalwork #waitressing #travel #waiting ♬ original sound – alexa johnson

Alexa tells her first joke by saying when there is a baby at the table she says “looks like it’s on him tonight.” One comment says, “the baby one will always be fun to me.”

She tells the viewers that she works in an outdoor restaurant. Whenever it’s raining, Alexa jokes and always asks if they are enjoying the “beautiful beach weather.”

Alexa moves on and says this is her most basic joke, but once people clear their plates she says: “Ah so we hated everything?”

One of her favorite jokes to say when handing out napkins is “You look like the messy one,” and hands all the napkins to that person.

A comment says, “If you handed me napkins and said I looked like the messy one I would cry.”

In a second video added to her “Waitressing Bits” playlist, Alexa says her restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol. When customers ask for a beer as a joke, Alexa says “Me too!”

Alexa says when people order Birch Beer, which isn’t an alcoholic drink, she’ll joke and say, “I hope you’re not driving.”

One comment says, “The I hope you’re not driving joke is funny, but getting ID’d for non-alcoholic drinks STRESSES ME OUT.”

“Since my name is Alexa I get Amazon Alexa jokes like 500 times a day,” she says, “And I always say, just don’t ask me the weather.”

A comment says, “Alexa jokes will be the death of me at work.” Another says, “My name is Alexis and I still get Alexa jokes.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Alexa via the TikTok comment section.

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*First Published: Jul 21, 2023, 5:30 am CDT