Waffle House tables and chairs covered with syrup

William A. Morgan/Shutterstock @realmikerich1k/TikTok (Licensed)

‘They foul for that’: Waffle House workers pour syrup on the seats to prevent customers from dining in

‘We do that because we tired of people acting dumb in Waffle House.’


Melody Heald


A man revealed in a viral TikTok how Waffle House workers allegedly prevent customers from dining in: by pouring syrup all over the seats.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Mike Rich (@realmikerich1k) where for 45 seconds, he shows how a Waffle House located in New Orleans, Louisiana, allegedly looked. Throughout the video, he shows followers how all of the tables, booths, and seats were drenched in syrup along with being barred off with caution tape.

According to Mike, the reason behind this was supposedly so customers “can’t sit down.” In the clip, he didn’t hide his disgust and frustration as he urged his followers to “report this” while claiming he would share the TikTok with corporate.

@realmikerich1k This what they doing @wafflehouse so people cant sit down. #canalstreetneworleans this is just #ridiculous #wafflehouse #syrup ♬ original sound – Mike Rich

The Daily Dot reached out to Mike via TikTok comment and direct message and Waffle House via press contact form. The video accumulated over 35,000 views as of Mar. 27, where viewers expressed their outrage.

“That’s insane just so people won’t sit down???? How they expect to get tips if they don’t want people sitting down. Them workers have lost their minds,” one viewer said.

“That’s crazy!!” a second wrote.

“That’s some dumb shit to do. Now the time to cleaning up all of that and sticky,” a third agreed.

Some alleged current and former Waffle House confirmed this is what they do to prevent customers from sitting down.

“This is my store and yes they do it because customers insist on sitting down when their not allowed after 9 p.m.,” one user confirmed.

“We do that because we tired of people acting dumb in Waffle House,” a second explained.

However, there were viewers who didn’t see anything wrong with the workers who allegedly did this.

“I see nothing wrong, apparently they told people not to sit down because it’s to go orders only and people kept sitting down,” one person commented.

“Y’all so dramatic. If they don’t want you to sit up in there then you can’t. That simple. GO HOME AND SIT. It’s a restaurant not ur home,” a second stated.

“I don’t blame em. Take y’all hungry asses somewhere else,” a third remarked.

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