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VR Bangers

VR Bangers Review: Is VR Bangers worth your money?

Here’s everything you need to know before subscribing to a VR Bangers membership.


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VR porn is exploding, but one area it lacks is updates. Most sites only update once a week, due to how long it takes to make VR porn. That’s why you should try VR Bangers. VR Bangers membership is a wonderful exception to the rule, with new scenes uploaded every three to four days.

These are Ultra HD scenes to boot, with quality going up to 8K. If you’re new to the world of VR porn, VR Bangers offers an incredible introduction to the genre for an affordable price.

Here’s the only VR Bangers review you need to read before subscribing. Let’s get started.

What is VR Bangers?

VR Bangers is one of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning VR porn sites on earth. It won Best VR Sex Scene and Best VR Scene from the AVN Awards and XBIZ Awards in 2021, 2019, and 2018, along with a host of other accolades.

But it’s not just the porn industry who have recognized the site. Everyone from CBS to The Daily Dot has sung its praises with good reason. VR Bangers offers the most variety, most updates, and hottest scenes of any company doing VR porn today.

From cosplay video game kinks to 3D traditional anal hardcore with big-name stars, VR Bangers meets the diverse needs of consumers. Rather than just be stuck with one genre of porn, VR Bangers focuses on exploring fantasies.

Even better, each scene is shot in stunning Ultra HD up to 8K, depending on when it was released. That’s right. Even the older scenes are still shot in Ultra HD 4K.

You might think all that quality means you’re only getting a few uploads a month. In fact VR Bangers uploads more content than almost anyone else on the market. The days of four or five new scenes a month are over with VR Bangers.

This site is worth every penny. If you’re still looking for more information, let’s dig a little deeper into what makes the site so special.

VR Bangers cost

1 month$25
12 months$99

For porn fans looking to get into virtual reality, VR Bangers offers an affordable array of prices with regular discounts.

While the site’s advertised price is $30 per month, $365 per year, or $750 for life, its near constant sales equal much lower prices. If fact we’re comfortable calling VR Bangers the best deal in VR porn. A monthly membership can be had for just $15 per month during sales.

Users who want to invest in the site long-term can get a lifetime membership for just $250. There will come a day when you visit VR Bangers and find the sales aren’t running. Those will be sad days. We suggest taking advantage of the pricing while you can.

What’s included with your VR Bangers porn membership?

1) 450+ videos and counting 

VR Bangers currently offers over 450 full VR scenes with more uploaded every week. While waiting for new content can sometimes be a little annoying, the sheer number of old scenes makes up for it—particularly since VR Bangers scenes are 45 minutes to an hour on average.

2) New videos every three to four days 

Subscribers get a new video every four days, averaging around 91 new scenes per year. In March of 2021, the company put out an incredible eight scenes. Given most VR sites only update once a week, VR Bangers is well ahead of the competition.

VR Bangers

3) Ultra HD video all the way up to 8K

One thing VR Bangers prides itself on is Ultra HD content. Since its launch, the company has shot its scenes in the highest definition possible, upgrading over time. Currently, that means shooting each scene in up to 8K Ultra HD.

There are some older scenes that only go up to 4K, however, since that’s the industry standard we think VR Bangers deserves extra credit. However, that doesn’t mean you need to download the 8K version of every scene.

Make sure to check out the maximum resolution of your device before downloading a scene. If you download the wrong file, instead of getting your perfect VR porn experience, you’ll see the scene blown literally out of proportion.

That’s why sites that shoot in 6K offer lower resolution files as well. Sometimes the lower resolution option is a better experience. Also, these files can be massive.

Don’t waste gigs of bandwidth finding out your device only supports a lower resolution.

4) Variety of plots 

Say you don’t watch porn for the plot all you want, but the reality of VR porn is that sometimes a little acting helps complete the experience.

Rather than just an endless stream of cheating spouses and hot girlfriends, VR Bangers keeps things fresh with varied scenes. Realtors, sports teams, sororities, models, space aliens, cosplay, and other hilariously erotic situations.

It’s one thing for a site to keep your interest, it’s an entirely different thing for it to make you say “I’d never thought of masturbating to that.”

VR Bangers

5) Supports a wide range of VR devices

VR Bangers supports every major brand of consumer virtual reality devices. That includes Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Microsoft MR, Daydream, iOS, Android, and PSVR.

6) Support for PLAY’A app

Looking to save your hard drive from massive files or your family from finding your porn? VR Bangers supports the incredible PLAY’A app, bringing incredible streaming VR porn to your phone or VR device.

With PLAY’A, users can skip ahead to the next position in a scene, stream or download videos for offline viewing, and more.

7) Diverse performers

VR Bangers understands audiences aren’t just looking for pretty white blonde performers anymore. They still feature plenty of those kinds of women, but over the last few years the site has also pushed for more diverse casting.

Today it features a wide range of performers of all races. But what’s great about its inclusion is these performers aren’t stuck playing up racial stereotypes like in porn’s past.

8) Smell VR brings your nose into virtual reality

You read that right. In March 2021 VR Bangers introduced Smell VR to the market. This device attached over your nose while you’re using your VR headset to deliver scents associated with the porn you’re watching.

It sold out quickly.

While we haven’t had the chance to sample any of these scents, including Teenage Dream, Squirt Delight, MILF Sensations, and Happy Endings, we admire a forward thinking idea.

VR Bangers membership cons

1) Daily download limit

VR Bangers members are limited to downloading 10 movies per day. These are large files, which may explain why the site sets limits. However, if you were thinking about subscribing for a month, downloading everything, and then unsubscribing, you’re out of luck.

VR Bangers is a quickly growing site with a lot of content. That’s why we find it strange they don’t offer advanced search options. There is a simple search function but nothing compared to the flexibility of other sites. Thankfully the categories section helps make up for this annoyance.

Is a VR Bangers porn membership worth it? 

When we first reviewed VR Bangers it was a flawed, yet promising contender for the VR porn crown. Since then the site has grown into a powerhouse, offering clever, creative, and hot VR porn at an affordable price. Even better, it does all that while offering more updates than the majority of VR sites on the market.

We can forgive its lack of tags and download caps easily when they offer such remarkable quality in plot, performers, and 6K video If you’re using Google Cardboard, 8K video won’t matter, but consumers who have poured resources into top-of-the-line gear deserve top-of-the-line content.

The choice becomes doubly clear when you see how flexible VR Bangers’ pricing is and how often it offers discounts. Whether you’re rocking a simple headset with a smartphone or an expensive computer set up, VR Bangers membership is absolutely worth your money.

1 month$25
12 months$99

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