working the register; customer being rude to barista, hand holding large amounts of ice on cup

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‘One sip and its empty’: Barista gives rude customer an ‘unholy amount’ of ice

‘I be getting petty sometimes lol.’


Beau Paul


It can’t be said enough: Don’t mess with the people who handle your food. That’s the lesson one customer supposedly learned after ticking off their barista at an unnamed coffee shop. Their daily iced coffee is going to end up with mostly ice and very little coffee. 

@ed.s.11 and then pour hot water #fyp #barista #gongcha ♬ original sound – *ੈ✩‧₊˚❦ ☘︎

Barista and content creator Edward Son (@ed.s.11) enacted the service worker’s revenge in the latest video posted to his account. The video, which had over 313,000 views as of Tuesday morning, showed a barista—who appears to be Son—filling a cup to the brim with ice cubes. 

“When the customer is rude and the only thing u can do is give them an unholy amount of ice,” he wrote via text overlay. In the accompanying caption, he doubled-down: “and then pour hot water.”

The video does not show Son completing the order or him giving it to the “rude” customer in question. Any coffee served with that much ice would certainly be watery at best. 

“One sip and its empty,” one commenter observed. The Daily Dot has reached out to Son via TikTok comment.

Still, many of Son’s viewers applauded the vigilante payback. 

“I be getting petty sometimes lol,” one user wrote.

“Rightttt um esp with online orders so the drinks fill up faster,” another said.

“My revenge story,” a third person added.

There was one group of viewers, however, who wouldn’t have found Son’s punishment attempt a problem at all. 

“Jokes on you,” wrote one user. “I love ice.”

“i love ice more than the drink itself, so thank you,” another echoed.

“Light ice doesn’t exist to me,” a third person admitted.

Meanwhile, one commenter truly understood the moral of Son’s TikTok: Just be kind to service workers.

“That’s why I’m really nice to food service people because I want them to make me a good drink or meal,” they wrote.

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