Ulta workers say they only give out pink bags to customers they like

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‘I always get the orange one LMAOO at least I know why’: Ulta workers say they only give out pink bags to customers they like

‘Never knew there was pink bags.’


Angela Littlefield


Ulta shoppers know that the beauty store packs your purchase in orange-and-white-lettered bags. But that’s maybe because the workers don’t like you.

A viral TikTok video created by self-described Ulta employees Christian Tolan (@christian💋) and Ashlee (@Ashlee) alleges that elusive pink bags are actually given as an inside joke about shoppers whom the workers like.

It’s likely, thankfully, not that simple.

The TikTok video has over 761,900 views and 118,300 likes. Geo-tagged in the Washington, D.C. area, the video text overlay from Christian reads: “Us giving the people we like the pink bags and the people we don’t like orange.”

Viewers were shocked to find out Ulta has bags in separate colors.

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“I always get the orange one LMAOO at least ik why,” shared one viewer.

“When I used to work at Ulta we never got the pink bags and when we got holiday ones they’d be blue or green,” alleged one viewer.

“I never get pink :( I’m not even rude AND IM ALWAYS DONATING. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG,” questioned another viewer.

To rest assure everyone’s minds and potentially assuage their rude awakenings upon receiving an orange bag, Ashlee (@momocallmeback) said the viral clip is just a gag.

“NOTHING BABE it was just a joke and we’re usually out of pink anyways because they go by so fast,” commented Ashlee.

The Daily Dot reached out to Christian Tolan (@christian💋) and Ashlee (@Ashlee) via TikTok comment and Ulta Beauty via email all the same. Just to make sure they’re kidding.

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