A police officer in Merseyside, England, has been placed on “restrictive duties” pending further investigation.

A policeman in England has been placed on “restrictive duties” after a YouTube clip found the cop to have slapped a teenager during a perceived drug bust in Liverpool’s Merseyside neighborhood.

Titled “Merseyside Police Officer hits man, caught on hidden camera,” the 50-second video shows the unnamed 31-year-old officer arguing with a teenager in an apartment and hitting him with his gloved hand across the left side of his head.

The officer then moves from the teenager to the individual covertly filming the raid and challenges him for questioning the officer’s physical attack.

“Have you got a problem?” he asks. “Do you think we’re here to have a fucking laugh and a joke? Shut your fucking mouth when things don’t involve you.”

A Merseyside Police spokesman told reporters that the incident occurred in October 2010, though the video didn’t surface onto YouTube until July 24, 2012.

“The footage was obtained and an immediate investigation was launched by the Force’s Professional Standards Department,” the spokesman said. “A 31-year old serving police officer has been placed on restrictive duties whilst the investigation into the matter is conducted. As the matter is currently under investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment any further.”

According to The Liverpool Echo, restrictive duties generally entail fewer hours and more time spent handling office-based activities.

Photo via YouTube

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