uber eats delivers 40 tuna sandwiches instead of 1


‘And they tipped $0. That’s karma!’: Uber Eats customer receives another person’s $300 40-sandwich Panera order

‘That’s work lunch for a week.’


Braden Bjella


When ordering food for delivery, it’s common to have either the restaurant or the courier mess up one or two details. What’s less common is getting another meal with your meal—or, in the case of TikTok user Sabrina, 39 additional meals.

In a video with over 250,000 views, Sabrina claimed she ordered one tuna sandwich from Panera Bread. When the food arrived, she said she was mistakenly given someone else’s Panera Bread order: 40 sandwiches with sides, for which the original customer had paid $312.63. The original customer did not leave a tip.

“Uber Eats Fail!” Sabrina wrote in the caption. “Company luncheon gets delivered my one tuna fish sandwich and i get their catering order for 40 people!”

@hazellikesducks Uber Eats Fail! Company luncheon gets delivered my one tuna fish sandwich and i get their catering order for 40 people! #ubereats #panerabread #wrongorder #onejob #deliverydriver ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

In the comments section, Sabrina said she tried to resolve the problem to the best of her ability.

“I called those people and let them know and panera and Panera had to make the order all over,” she detailed in a comment.

In the end, she said she ended up giving the sandwiches to “a roofing crew.”

In the comments section, many users took issue with the fact that the original customer did not leave a tip for the courier.

“What kinda of people order $300 of food and not tip the delivery driver,” wrote one user.

“And they tiped $0. Thats karma!” exclaimed another.

“$0 tip? They didn’t deserve that food,” shared a third.

Others said that Sabrina should not feel guilty, but lucky.

“Lunch for a month. A win is a win,” proclaimed a commenter.

“I see these a lot, how do I get a delivery serves to screw my order up like this?” asked a second. “That’s work lunch for a week.”

“I would cry out [of] happiness,” detailed an additional TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sabrina via TikTok comment as well as to Uber and Panera via email.

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