customer speaking with caption 'they put the good chicken and the small bag' (l) Tyson chicken strips in store freezer (c) customer speaking with caption 'and they put the subpar chicken in the middle and Costco sizes' (r)

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‘They put the subpar chicken in the middle and Costco sizes’: Customer claims Tyson puts the ‘good chicken’ in the smaller bags

‘I’m going after Big Chicken.’


Stacy Fernandez


A popular TikToker shared her conspiracy theory about how Tyson packages its chicken tenders to get people to spend more money.

In the video, Ollie (@ollierose_) stands in their kitchen holding a bag of Tyson chicken tenders.

“I have like a big Tyson conspiracy,” they say.

Ollie goes on to explain the bag they have in their hand is the “regular” bag of tenders, which they deem the “good pack of chicken.”

However, Tyson sells a size that’s a bit larger and available at the grocery store. They explain the pack is OK and “mid-grade,” but they find more tendon pieces in them, and the outside coating is not the same

There’s an even bigger bag that’s only available at a place like Costco or BJ’s. “Garbage,” they say, referring to the larger value pack.

Ollie’s theory is that the company puts the good chicken in the small bag because “if you buy loads of small bags over time, you spend more money.”

“They put the subpar chicken in the middle and Costco sizes,” Ollie said. “So you buy those to save money, but you’re not really getting the good chicken.”

“Are you picking up what I am putting down?” Ollie asked viewers.

@ollierose_ I’m onto you Tyson. I’m going after Big Chicken. #conspiracy #fyp #tysonchicken ♬ original sound – Ollie Rose

The video has more than 223,000 views and over 820 comments. Ollie has a TikTok following upward of 1.4 million people. They post a variety of content, from talking about parenting to sharing recipes.

“I’m onto you Tyson. I’m going after Big Chicken,” the caption reads.

Many commenters related to Ollie’s observation.

“I’ve been saying this & the chicken they use for the dino nuggets tastes better than the reg nuggets but you get less,” the top comment read.

“They do the same with chips. the small bags have way more flavor on each chip then the big bags,” a person said.

“I’ve said this many times but everyone says it’s the same thing & I’m delusional.. glad to know it’s not just me,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ollie and Tyson for comment via email.

Update 8:35pm CT, June 16, 2023: “These allegations are simply false. We’re committed to consistently delivering high quality, affordable products across all our brands and to each of our customers, regardless of the size of the product or where it is purchased,” a Tyson Foods spokesperson told the Daily Dot via email.

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