Twitter on track to reach 500 million users in February

Twitter mosaic

The microblogging network will become only the second social network to hit that impressive milestone. 

In February Twitter is expected to reach 500 million users.  

According to Twopcharts, arguably the Web’s most comprehensive treasure trove of Twitter data, the microblogging network is currently at 465 million users. Twopchart’s algorithm expects to reach 500 million 40 days from now, on Feb. 25. (Or as Twitter users would say, Day 36 of 366.)

How likely is this prediction? Judging from a report on WebProNews just two days ago, the data tends to fluctuate. On Jan.13, Twitter was on the fast track. It predicted the milestone would be reached on Feb. 14, then just 33 days away.

Even author Drew Bowling seemed to have his doubts about the data he was recording:

Look at that statement at the bottom. I’m gonna go ahead and say it: there is no way in hell more than one million people are joining Twitter every 24-hour period. Not unique users, at least.

—Drew Bowling

The statement Bowling was referring to, at the bottom of the chart, has been updated to reflect that only 850,800 are joining Twitter every day. This may account for the milestone’s predicted delay.

Even with this adjustment, 500 million users can’t be far away. When it happens, Twitter will be just the second social network to reach this enormous number; Facebook achieved the mark in 2010.

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