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‘The attendant accidentally crashed my car in the parking lot’: Toyota customer gets car back dented after dropping it off for oil change

‘Literally cried for like 15 mins.’


Stacy Fernandez


A woman dropped her car off at a Toyota dealership for a routine oil change and returned to an unfortunate surprise.

In the viral video, Gurpreet (@singhgurpreet) shows a picture of her car before taking it to the dealership. It appears to be in perfect condition.

She then explains that she got a call from the attendant saying they “accidentally crashed [her] car in the parking lot.”

In the next picture, her car is dented alongside the left corner and has scratches on the body paint and the front light.

Gurpreet says she “literally cried for like 15 mins” after seeing the damage done to her car.

The only explanation the dealership worker offered, she says, was that the parking lot was “slippery” so the attendant who moved her car crashed into another employee (presumably driving another customer’s car) while pulling into the parking lot.

“I better be compensated,” she says in the video caption alongside the hashtag “dayruined.”

@singhgurpreet564 i literally cried for like 15 mins 😃 they said that the parking lot was “slippery” so the attendant crashed into another employee coming into the parking lot #dayruined #toyota #crash #wisconsin #fyp ♬ original sound – gurpreetsingh

The TikTok has nearly a million views and hundreds of comments.

A commenter who said they previously worked as a car salesperson explained that the dealership will go through its own insurance since it is required to cover its employees. “They’ll likely facilitate the repairs,” the person added.

A different person who worked at a dealership shared they’ve seen “some crazy stuff” happen to customers’ cars, including them getting totaled.

Others shared similar experiences they had with Toyota.

“GIRL! Tell me why I dropped mine off to get body work done after someone hit me and when they test drove it before giving it back to me they dented it,” a commenter said.

“The same thing happened to me at a Toyota dealership ! But they didn’t call and tell me they hoped i didn’t notice. I made them pay to fix!” another added.

In reply to a comment, Gurpreet said that the dealership will fix the damage without going through her insurance and offered her $100.

“Wish I was compensated for more,” she said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Gurpreet for comment via TikTok comment but did not immediately hear back.

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