Thrift store caught selling destroyed Nike hoodie for $140, referring to it as ‘vintage’


‘I wouldn’t get that if it was free’: Thrift store caught selling destroyed Nike hoodie for $140, referring to it as ‘vintage’

'That hoodie is a victim....'


Maya Wray


Posted on Nov 6, 2023

Rising thrift store prices have been traced back to Gen Z and their enthusiasm for thrift shopping. Finding a piece at Goodwill for its original retail price is becoming a much more common occurrence as stores struggle to keep up with high demands for thrifted clothes and the sustainable shopping trend. 

Unfortunately, an increase in clothing prices does not mean an increase in clothing quality found in these thrift stores, as one TikToker recently discovered. 

In a video posted by user @soleloco, which has been viewed 3.7 million times as of Monday, the user behind the camera pulled a tattered red Nike hoodie off a rack, showing the price tag.

@soleloco If it has a vintage look add $100😂 #sneakers #sneakerhead #fy #foryou #vintage #soleloco ♬ original sound – Soleloco

“Super beat, stains, look at this sleeve,” the user described, revealing a shredded sleeve cuff and fabric riddled with holes. Flipping the hoodie around, they showed more rips and stains.

But even more shocking than the condition of the hoodie was the price. “$140. Are y’all feeling the vintage look? Let me know,” @soleloco asked before ending the video.

Viewers were indeed not feeling the vintage look, expressing outrage at the price tag and wondering if a shopper had simply switched their own hoodie out with something on the rack without an employee noticing. 

“I would of threw it out if I was an employee thinking someone left it there,” one confessed.

“The holes make me think maybe that hoodie was in a shootout and lost,” another guessed.

Viewers’ descriptions of the hoodie got more and more creative, with some speculating that it came straight from Kanye’s closet—or a police evidence locker.

“When madness is no longer a disease but fashion,” user @carolyn_dutta lamented.

“I work at goodwill and we throw stuff like that away everyday,” an employee revealed.

While many affirmed they would not pay anything for the hoodie, other viewers cautioned potential buyers against becoming the store’s next “mark.” Hole-free Nike hoodies range from $22 to $200 on the company’s site. 

“Nike is playing in y’all face fr and y’all are letting them,” one user frankly stated.

The Daily Dot reached out to @soleloco via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 6, 2023, 12:13 pm CST