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‘I’m not a f*cking octopus I can’t grow 6 arms’: Sandwich shop worker shares what he wishes he could say to rude customers

'I resort to making skits about it.’


Eric Webb


Posted on Aug 9, 2023

It’s time for another viral skit about what restaurant servers are really thinking when rude customers show up in their lives. A New Jersey sub shop worker recently posted a new video in this same vein, captioned “unleash the beast baby.”

TikTok creator Joey Sacco (@jsacco9) racked up more than 580,000 views on his video and more than 112,000 likes.

Sacco’s no stranger to making videos on this topic. Recently, he has also called out customers who expect their order to be ready immediately.

@jsacco9 unleash the beast baby #customerservice #serviceindustry #restaurant #ocnj #serverlife #serverproblems ♬ original sound – Joey Sacco

In his latest comedy video, Sacco acts out a series of scenarios under the banner of “How servers want to talk to customers.” In the first example, a faux-customer barges in and blurts out “Can we sit?” before Sacco can get a word in. “Yeah, so maybe if you just let me finish f*cking talking,” he replied.

In another wish-fulfillment scenario in the video, sprinkled with profanity for comedic effect, Sacco told a rude customer, demanding to order, that he was just about to ask them what they wanted.

In one bit, Sacco has his hands full with a tray and a customer demands ranch dressing right that second.

“Yeah, so unfortunately I’m not a f*cking octopus,” Sacco said. “I can’t grow six more arms, so you’re gonna have to give me a minute.” 

Commenters felt these bits in their souls.

“I do this. I also don’t get good tips. My manager is also called very often,” a viewer chimed in.

“I just want one day outta the year to say what i wanna say at my job [forreal],” someone commented.

“I’d be the best server they ever had if I could talk that way,” one commenter said.

“I had someone make a complaint because I didn’t bring all of their plates at once….they had 6,” another comment read.

Sacco told the Daily Dot via email that the video is “pretty self explanatory.”

“Over time people that work in the service industry get fed up with entitled customers,” he added. “Sometimes we wish we could bark right back at them and not hold anything back, but we can’t. So, I resort to making skits about it.”

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*First Published: Aug 9, 2023, 1:58 am CDT