Honda driver warns thieves are targeting this part of the car

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‘Kias, y’all may be OK for a little bit’: Honda driver warns thieves are targeting this part of the car everyone has

‘I’m putting my car under my bed tonight.’


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If you own a Honda, be warned: There’s something valuable in your car that thieves want, even if you don’t leave any valuables in your car.

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A video created by TikToker The Legitimate Sentiment (@thelegitimatesentiment) showed a car with its window smashed in, along with info that’s being passed along by a number of media outlets: Thieves covet Honda airbags, and they’re breaking into them to snatch them up. This video brought in more than 812,700 views in a single day, helping to signal-boost the warning.

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“All right y’all, so here is the new trend,” she begins, showing a car’s smashed-in window with glass shards sprinkled all over the driver’s seat. “They love to get the airbags now,” she coos.

Then, referring to the viral trend of stealing Kias, she offers, “Kias, y’all may be OK for a little bit because the Honda airbags, they are a hot commodity.”

@thelegitimatesentiment Kias & Hyundais may get a lil break… 🥹 #fypage ♬ original sound – The Legitimate Sentiment
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Why are thieves targeting Honda airbags?

A Feb. 27 KDKA-TV (CBS-Pittsburgh) story noted, “Multiple neighborhoods are seeing a rash of vehicle break-ins, but the thieves aren’t stealing anyone’s belongings. They’re breaking into vehicles to get their hands on one car part that you can’t safely drive without.”

It added, “Police say thieves are busting into cars to snatch the airbags and most of the vehicles are Hondas. KDKA-TV reported on similar thefts happening last year. A car repair shop owner says airbags are easy to steal and it’s easy money.”

The article went on to quote one expert—Jay Coll, the owner of Premier Auto Body in Carrick, Pennsylvania—who said airbags could be sold for $500 to $1,000, and while reputable shops aren’t going to buy or use a stolen part, there’s a market for them.

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“I think the airbags are going in these cars that are total losses and they’re buying them at the auction and putting them together and they have someone just supplying parts for them,” said Coll. 

He went on to explain that it’s not hard to get airbags out of cars—especially Hondas, for which the airbags are held in with clips, thereby making them easy targets.

“If you know how to do it, (it takes) 20 seconds, 30 seconds,” Coll said. “Some have some bolts in them and some are just pushing them out, just pushing a couple pins and it’s releasing.”

Some commenters on the video reported being victims of this crime.

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“Girl that’s not a new trend! They stole my airbag 07/21/22. I cried like a baby. I drove around for 6 months without an airbag,” one reported. “I dislike those idiots!”

Another said, “They got mine. Stealing airbags and selling them for $1000. I’m convinced the car repair shops are in on it.”

One quipped, “I’m putting my car under my bed tonight.”

Another also saw the opportunity for humor, saying, “Is the air bag Hermes or something?”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Honda via email.

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