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‘Call the cops’: 5 viral neighbors from hell who left us shook

‘My blood is boiling for you.’


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We live in an age where we get an unprecedented window into people’s everyday lives through platforms like TikTok. While this includes heartwarming moments with loved ones and unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences, it also reveals strange or even horrendous encounters with those close to us, such as our neighbors. 

Most of us are fortunate enough to have amicable relationships with our neighbors, but others aren’t so lucky. Below we’ve listed five stories of neighbors from hell, as narrated directly from the victims who lived to tell the tale. 

Neighbor throws away diabetes medication

woman speaking with caption 'My neighbor threw out $1000 worth of my Type 1 Diabetes supplies' (l) box in apartment hallway (c) woman speaking with caption 'My neighbor threw out $1000 worth of my Type 1 Diabetes supplies' (r)
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TikToker Nikki (@nroc43) said her “nosy” apartment neighbor threw away over $1,000 worth of her medical supplies. 

Nikki, who has type 1 diabetes, had a previous unpleasant encounter with the same neighbor. In the clip, she said she once used a box recycling service that picks up boxes left at the door.

After returning from errands, she found her box gone and a note from her neighbor that said, “This belongs in the recycling. If I see another package or box at your front door I will throw it away.”

Nikki confronted the neighbor in the elevator, explaining that the boxes often contain her diabetes supplies and should not be thrown away. A few days later, her medical supplies were delivered but went missing.

Immediately suspecting her neighbor, Nikki knocked on her door and asked her if she had taken the box. The neighbor confirmed, saying it belonged in recycling and claimed it was empty. Nikki explained it contained months of medical supplies worth $1,000.

Nikki reported the issue to management, but the neighbor denied discarding the box when confronted. Without camera footage, Nikki couldn’t resolve the issue, but she did leave a “random box” in front of her door as petty revenge. 

Creepy peeping neighbor 

A man lurking behind a tree.

A viral TikTok video posted by user @lucy.2481 shows a middle-aged man creepily peeping into her house from behind a tree.

The overlay text reads, “People always ask me why my curtains are always closed.” As she zooms in, the man quickly hides when he realizes he’s being filmed.

The video has sparked numerous comments from women sharing their own creepy neighbor stories and advice. Their suggestions ranged from installing window privacy film and setting up cameras, to getting pepper spray or even protection dogs.

One commenter said, “I had to buy two pit bulls because my stalker is very bad. He lives seven houses away from me.”

Neighbor put nails through woman’s fence to keep dogs away

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TikToker Elly (@sarcastically_making_it) claims in a video her neighbor put long, metal nails through their shared fence to keep her dogs away.

She shared that her neighbor had previously complained about her dogs barking and the condition of their fence.

After replacing the fence, the neighbor installed a privacy fence and security cameras.

Recently, Elly noticed her dogs started getting serious cuts that required stitches. When she investigated further, she discovered clusters of nails poking through the fence, seemingly placed there to harm her pets.

“They’re just here—for danger,” she explains in the video, noticing how the nails weren’t reinforcing anything.

Elly also stated she is concerned for her small children who could get hurt by the nails. Viewers urged her to call the police and file a report, saying the act was purely “malicious.”

Neighbor cut down over 300 trees without a permit 

various photos of cut logs and trees in a forest

A Colorado woman took to TikTok to share her frustration after discovering her new neighbors cut down over 300 trees, some on her property, without a permit.

In her viral video, @kalicoscommunity documents herself numbering tree stumps, starting at 185, and explaining the situation.

She reveals, “First visit back to the cabin this summer and found hundreds of trees cut down and most of the wood already taken.”

The text overlay continues, “This is the work of my new neighbors trying to quickly build their driveway in the spring before we arrived for the summer. The path of cut trees runs directly through our property without any permits even applied for.”

Working with the sheriff’s department, she has been counting the number of trees cut down and reports that one person has already been arrested.

Noise complaints for ‘just watching Netflix’

hotel hallway (l) (r) netflix logo (m)

TikToker Hannah Zucchinio (@hannahzucchinio) posted a viral video showing her downstairs neighbor yelling at her for being “so loud,” even though she was simply watching Netflix.

In the video, Hannah confronts her neighbor for banging on the ceiling, only to be met with immediate hostility.

“Was watching Netflix & he banged on his ceiling,” she wrote in the overlay text.

When Hannah went to his door to discuss the noise, she recorded the audio of their conversation. The neighbor accused her of stomping around for hours, saying it was keeping him from sleeping.

Hannah responded, explaining that she had just gotten out of the shower and was quietly watching a show.

The argument escalated, with the neighbor shouting at her to shut up. Hannah stopped recording when the shouting intensified.

In response to requests for more context, Hannah shared a follow-up video explaining that she had lived in the apartment for almost a year, while the neighbor had recently moved in. 

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