Server shares how much she made during a 3-hour shift at Texas Roadhouse.

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‘I need to lower how much I tip’: Server shares how much she made during a 3-hour shift at Texas Roadhouse. It backfires

‘I’m tipping two bucks next time.’


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If you think servers shaming non-tippers in viral clips are only trying to up their hourly wages via tips, then this clip posted by a Texas Roadhouse server named Amanda (@amanda4xx) definitely won’t change your mind.

In a video that’s amassed over 2.5 million views as of Saturday, Amanda shares how much she earned in a three-hour shift on a “slow day,” and many viewers were left stunned, angry, and in disbelief.

@amanda4xx What I made in a 3 hour shift at Texas Roadhouse! It was a slow day so i only worked for 3 hours. #texasroadhouse #serverlife #server #waitress #tips #servertiktok #money ♬ original sound – Amanda

In the clip, Amanda shows a montage of different bill payout screens and checks with the total amount along with the tips she got per table.

“Let’s see what I make in a three-hour shift at Texas Roadhouse,” Amanda narrates. “So, my first table left me $12 on $48, and then $20 on $101, $9 at $46, $30 … ” Amanda continues to list out all the gratuity she received per table until revealing that altogether, she ended up making $59 an hour.

She adds in a caption for her video that the restaurant was slow that day, implying that her hourly rate for that duration could be higher.

Numerous viewers expressed their shock and anger at how much Amanda claims she made in that short period of time. Several folks vowed to lower their tip amounts whenever they dine out, moving forward.

“And just like that my 15% tip just turned into a 5% tip. Thank you,” one person said.

Another wrote, “I need to lower my tips. Thanks for sharing.”

“I’m tipping two bucks next time,” another person wrote.

Some were a bit less extreme in their new projected tip amounts, saying that they would scale it back to under 20% of their bill, with a user sharing, “Damn I’ve been tipping 20-25% tip based on my service now I’m gonna do 15-18% now.”

But judging from the comments left by others, it appears that not everyone who works in the food service industry is enjoying the same “slow day” hourly rate as Amanda.

“Whaatttt i be getting $80 tip for 6 hours,” one person wrote.

So, how is Amanda raking in the bread like that? It could be that the Texas Roadhouse location she works at is extremely busy, which could explain why she was only working a three-hour shift. But this seems to contradict what she said about the restaurant experiencing a “slow” day, so could it be that she just had a lucky streak with clientele?

Another person asked Amanda just where in the heck is she working where she was pulling that kind of money, writing, “What Texas Roadhouse you working at cause I had a $200 check and I got tipped $5.”

The TikToker responded that despite working on a “slow day,” it ended up being a “good shift” which is why she was able to walk away with such a good payout.

Judging from posts uploaded by other Texas Roadhouse employees, the amount a person gets paid is really just the luck of the draw. If you get a bunch of cheapskates seated in your section, you’re not going to have a good payout. Or maybe you’ll get folks who are a little looser with their coffers, like Amanda seems to have received during her shift.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time servers have received a bit of online hate after sharing how much they make in a single shift—just ask any of the women who work at Twin Peaks and post the amounts they pull in at their respective jobs. In fact, there was one server who pulled in a similar rate to Amanda—around $59 per hour.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Texas Roadhouse via email and Amanda via Instagram direct message.

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