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‘Well go back there and make some f*cking bread then’: Texas Roadhouse servers mock customers who harass them for more bread

‘As a previous server I feel this on every level.’


Beau Paul


If you were looking for an instruction manual on how to be a bad customer, then look no further than the TikTok account of Aly Baker (@aly__baker). This Texas Roadhouse server and her co-workers recently compiled an entire video of what not to do when you visit your favorite chain restaurant. 

The video showed Baker and her friends role-playing as customers—but it doesn’t stop there. The servers also responded to the “customers” with candid thoughts, and things got spicy very quickly.

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“Excuse me?” Can we get some fresh baked bread?” asked one of the comically exasperated customers. “We’ve been waiting for 15 minutes.”

“Well, go back there and make some f*cking bread then,” the server responded.

They also role-played a scenario where a customer rudely interrupted a server to demand water, among other things.

As of Wednesday morning, Baker’s video had over 399,600 views. Most commenters—who were current or former servers—could relate to her frustrations.

“As a previous server I feel this on every level,” one worker said.

“Being a server I so relate,” another added.

Some workers noted that servers must address certain talking points to all customers or risk facing consequences.

“We roadies have a whole speech we need to say in case we get shopped,” one worker shared.

“Don’t forget we have to hit our story points too ag roadhouse,” another wrote.

Baked has posted several more server-oriented videos to her TikTok, including a second clip exposing what it’s really like working at Texas Roadhouse. The Daily Dot has reached out to Baker via TikTok comment and to Texas Roadhouse by email for comment.

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