Grocery store customer recreates iconic Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter and bread combo

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‘I ate half a bag of bread’: Grocery store customer recreates iconic Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter and bread combo with King’s Hawaiian Rolls—and this store-bought butter

'I'm gonna get both tomorrow'


Melody Heald


Posted on Oct 22, 2023

Texas Roadhouse is known for its steaks, ribs, and, of course, bread with cinnamon butter. A woman remade this famous combo by purchasing King’s Hawaiian Rolls and cinnamon butter from the store.

The video features TikTok user Kristina Withers (@krisswith), who told her 44,000 followers, “If y’all know one thing about me is that I love f*cking Texas Roadhouse.” She said the main thing she loves about Texas Roadhouse is its rolls and cinnamon butter.

Withers said while shopping at King Soopers, she stumbled across Better brown cinnamon sugar butter. Since it reminded Withers of Texas Roadhouse’s butter, she bought that along with King’s Hawaiian Rolls. Withers said she loved the combo so much that she “ate half the bag” when she arrived home. The video wraps up with Withers taking a scoop of butter, spreading it across a roll, and taking a bite. Her eyes flutter as she savors the taste.

“This sh*t is better than Texas Roadhouse and I don’t make that statement lightly,” she said.

@krisswith 🤤 @Texas Roadhouse DUUUPPPPEEEE. #yum #fyp #texasroadhouserolls #texasroadhousebutter #texasroadhouse #delicious #snacktime ♬ original sound – Kristina Withers

The Daily Dot reached out to Withers via TikTok comment and direct message. The video accumulated more than 2,600 views which inspired viewers to give this a try.

“I’m gonna get both tomorrow,” one viewer wrote.

“Love this! Once my tongue piercing heals enough for me to eat solid food again I’ll try this lol,” a second agreed.

In addition, others shared their love for Texas Roadhouse.

“I have some in my fridge & freezer , I always grab extra rolls& butter to go!!! Extra extra extra butter, I’ll pay for that & tip extra. Yum yum yum,” one user commented.

“That place is fantastic!!” a second stated.

Withers isn’t the only TikTok user to discover a fast food dupe. A former McDonald’s chef shared that Great Value’s Secret Sauce is “almost identical” to the Big Mac sauce. Another content creator named Desiree discovered a McDonald’s chicken nugget dupe at Ralph’s. After cooking them, they were a spitting image of the McNuggets. Furthermore, a Walmart shopper unveiled “best fast-food dupes from Walmart, including Chick-fil-A sauce, Burger King Hershey Pie, Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter and more.”

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*First Published: Oct 22, 2023, 12:11 pm CDT