Tattoo artist says she will no longer take male clients

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‘I am a Pilates instructor and I also do not cater men anymore’: Tattoo artist says she will no longer take male clients. Here’s why

'I hate the if the "roles were reversed arguments." Like do it then babes, reverse the roles, close your tattoo studio off to women.'


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Posted on Mar 8, 2024   Updated on Mar 8, 2024, 4:31 pm CST

A Tattoo artist took to social media to explain why she refuses to provide services for men. Her reason struck a chord with other TikTokers.

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In a viral TikTok video with over 1.9 million views, TikToker McKynzie (@ever.inktattoo) explained how men made her feel so unsafe that she had to stop providing services to them.

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At first, McKynzie said she was willing to tattoo anyone, regardless of their gender.

“I was a brand new business, and I was in no position to turn away anyone,” she explained.

However, she said a few experiences with men made her realize that tattooing them would jeopardize her safety.

“Very quickly, I realized that was not a safe option for me,” she continued.

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In one instance she described, an Instagram account that appeared to belong to a woman reached out to her via her business page inquiring about tattoos. McKynzie said she thought the woman’s page was legit at first. She said she went back and forth with the prospective client about the design and price of a tattoo and thought all was well. Then, in the midst of exchanging direct messages, McKynzie said the account started to call her on Instagram.

“At first, I just ignore it ’cause I think it’s a mistake,” she said.

But the account reportedly called again and again.

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McKynzie said she finally decided to answer the call. To her surprise, a “deep man’s voice” responded and said things that had nothing to do with getting a tattoo.

“Basically just said some super explicit, nasty things,” she said.

The tattoo artist also said the man referenced her sister’s name, which was personal information she did not have posted on her business account.

“This, like, super freaked me out,” she said, adding that it made her especially nervous because she worked alone when she first opened her studio.

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Still, the woman said she tried to brush off the incident and move past it.

“I kept tattooing men,” she continued. “But, again, like, I was alone with a dude in a private studio by myself.”

The woman also said her male customers began to make “weird” tattoo requests, like upper thigh tattoos. Eventually, she decided she would only take on male clients if they came with a female significant other. Then, she said men began to book appointments claiming they were coming with a significant other, only to show up alone.

“On top of that, like, while all of this is happening, I’m still having issues with men being creepy in my DMs or pretending to be women,” she said.

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McKynzie said men would also just show up to her studio for walk-in services, even though she did work by appointment only.

“From that point on, I was just super uncomfortable and nervous all the time,” she explained. “And just decided to make the rule’ no men.'”

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She said she only made exceptions for male clients who wanted matching tattoos with a significant other or men who were her friends.

McKynzie also reported that she is no longer alone in her studio because she hired an assistant and has cameras in the shop. She even said she invested in Tasers and pepper spray.

She said that after she revealed she no longer serviced male clients via Instagram, some men attacked her for being sexist. They reportedly argued that if the “roles were reversed,” people would be upset.

She fought back against that label but stood her ground on her position to no longer offer her services to men.

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“I love men. I have a husband. I would love to tattoo men if I felt safe and comfortable doing it, but honestly, like, y’all lost that privilege,” she said.

Ultimately, McKynzie believes it’s important to prioritize her women clients who may not feel safe going to other tattoo parlors, which tend to be male-dominated.

In the comments section, many women applauded the tattoo artist’s decision to make her shop a safe space for women.

“You are 100% valid,” user Chelsea said. “It’s intimate and being alone in a shop with someone who could easily overpower you is vulnerable.”

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“An all female tattoo place??” user Floralpuppy asked. “Where do I sign up?”

“LOVE this for you!” another viewer commented. “Boundaries are everything.”

“I am a Pilates instructor and I also do not cater men anymore,” user Blairinmotion added. “For some of these reasons. Good for you for setting this boundary.”

Other commenters decried the argument detractors made about how different the issue would be treated if a male tattoo artist refused to service women.

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“I hate the if the ‘roles were reversed arguments,'” one viewer said. “Like do it then babes, reverse the roles, close your tattoo studio off to women.”

The Daily Dot reached out to McKynzie via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Mar 8, 2024, 10:00 pm CST
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