Shopper thanks Target worker after they warned her about man that was following her in store for over an hour

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‘Thank you’: Shopper thanks Target worker after they warned her about man that was following her in store for over an hour

'So glad target watches out for their customers!!"'


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Posted on Jul 8, 2023

A Target customer was stopped by security as she checked out when they realized a man was following her.

TikToker Nina (@ninasotom) recently posted a viral clip recounting her experience with Target security. The video has 1.8 million views as of Saturday, and commenters who saw the clip applauded the security officer for their quick thinking.

In the video, Nina recounted her harrowing story while sitting in her car. “Target security literally catches everything,” she began. Nina explained that she was waiting for a self-checkout attendant to take the security tags off a few of her items when the employee suddenly demanded that she stay in the checkout aisle and wait for her to return.

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“I think I’m getting arrested,” she said, remembering her confusion and anxiety. “I remember holding out my receipt so they can see I didn’t steal anything.”

After what felt like an eternity to Nina, the checkout attendant returned and began speaking to another woman. The second woman was not in a Target uniform but wore an earpiece. When the security guard approached Nina, she introduced herself and explained why they held her at checkout.

“The girl’s like, ‘Hi, I’m security,'” Nina recounted. “At this point, I’m just handing them the receipt. She just turns to me; ‘No, ma’am, there’s been a man following you around for the last hour, and he was taking pictures of you,'” the security guard explains. “‘I’m so sorry I didn’t catch him earlier, or I would’ve thrown him out. At this point, he’s outside and is waiting by his car.'”

The Target security guard proceeded to walk Nina to her car and watch her get in.

“This was all just very confusing and shocking, and I didn’t get her name,” Nina said. “This video is not supposed to be like, ‘This happened to me.’ But, wow, that’s amazing Target has these things set in place. Or maybe it was just that one worker. I don’t know. Either way, dope. … Shoutout, Target.”

The clip then transitioned to Nina sitting inside. “Even if the man was just being creepy and just taking pictures and sending it to someone random, it still makes me, as a woman, feel so secure and so safe to know that other people are watching out for me. … Y’all did great,” she concluded.

Viewers were amazed by the staff and their care toward Target customers. Many shared similar stories.

“This just goes to show you that we don’t need to assume anything. They were genuinely trying to protect you, which is amazing,” one user wrote.

“I was in target a couple weeks ago and there was a guy with a knife those employees were on that so fast and warned everyone to stay calm so discreetly cause no panic at all most people had no idea what was going on they are never professional in my opinion,” a second said.

“This happened to me,” another shared. “I’m 9 mo preg & was shopping alone w my 3 boys (6,3,2) & a man was following us around & taking pics of my kids. The worker was telling me I couldn’t leave & I was like I promise my kids & I didn’t steal & she’s like no wait & a man in reg clothes came & said someone was following & watching my kids in a way he didn’t like & he walked me & my kids to the car. So glad target watches out for their customers!!”

The Daily Dot contacted Nina via TikTok comment and Target via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 8, 2023, 12:33 am CDT