target employee with oreo's and certificates


‘Walmart get NOTHINGGGG’: Target worker says he received Oreos for record sales as a thank-you

‘So much appreciation for a multibillionaire company.’


Brooke Park


When sales rise dramatically for a company, it’s logical for that company to share some of the wealth with the people who helped make it happen. Sometimes that wealth comes in the form of non-monetary rewards, like a photo with their CEO or a hamburger mug—or, in one Target worker’s case, Oreos.

TikToker Bochelly (@bochelly_13) put his workplace on blast for allegedly handing out Oreos and a certificate as a reward for high performance. “Target be like ‘team congrats on 10,000,000 dollars on sales,” Bochelly (@bochelly_13) wrote on top of a clip. “Also Target: there’s Oreos in the break room as a reward and a certificate.”

Using the TikTok audio “this boy be in my DM say I’m pretty,” the worker shows the five different Oreo flavors available for employees.

Bochelly also showed the perfect attendance awards plastered in rows on the wall.

@bochelly_13 So much appreciation🙃🤣#fyp #parati #trending #viral #target #targetemployee #fypdongggggggg ♬ DM Pretty – This Boy Be In My DM say I’m Pretty / Live OffBeat Session – Tank And The Bangas

The Daily Dot reached out to Bochelly via TikTok message and Target via email.

Bochelly’s video was viewed over 90,000 times since it was posted on March 9.

“I was a (team leader), this like half the reason I quit lmao,” one user commented. “Couldn’t take the corporate environment.

“Trash,” Bochelly responded. “So much appreciation for a multibillionaire company.”

However, the reward was better than what many other commenters experienced at their jobs.

“One time they gave us canned Progresso soup for Christmas,” one user wrote.

“Y’all get certificates,” another said. “All we get is water.”

“Walmart get NOTHINGGGG,” another complained.

“They gave us expired tootsie rolls,” a fourth critiqued.

Another user pointed out that Publix gave its employees $100 gift cards to its own store. However, Publix reportedly did so in the pandemic when many other grocery chains, such as Target and Walmart, increased hourly pay or gave cash bonuses.

Currently, Target’s starting wages range from $15 to $24 an hour. Walmart’s average hourly wage is more than $17.50 an hour, and Publix doles out $13.56 an hour.

Other commenters, some of whom worked at different Targets, boasted better perks.

“My old Target would cater Chick Fil A,” one user said.

“Nope, I got two gift bags, a personalized water bottle, and a card from all the team leaders,” another wrote.

Such gestures of appreciation toward workers are something that TikTokers like Bochelly will no doubt continue to put on blast, hopefully leaving companies with an extra incentive to do better.

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