Customer says T-Mobile tried to trick her with ‘girl math’

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‘You can’t use girl math on the girlies’: Customer says T-Mobile tried to trick her with ‘girl math’

'This is why I don’t buy my iPhones from the phone services.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 21, 2023

A TikToker recently went viral after accusing T-Mobile of implementing girl math logic when trying to convince her to sign up for a higher monthly cell phone plan, with the promise of a free iPhone 15.

Girl math is a TikTok trend in which folks justify their spending by breaking down big-ticket items into cost per wear, or rationalizing that using cash isn’t “really” costing money because it’s not coming directly out of a checking account. One man recently used girl math to justify taking a $250 helicopter ride to the airport.

But as TikTok user Everydaygirlie (@everydaygirlie) says, “You can’t use girl math on the girlies … We know what you’re doing.”

The TikToker explained T-Mobile’s offer while showing viewers a screenshot of the messages between herself and the company’s promotions department. The video has garnered over 211,000 views since it was posted.

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“T-Mobile tried to trick me with girl math today,” Everydaygirlie says while elaborating on the purported deal from the mobile carrier. “I heard about where if I trade in my device, my current device, I can go ahead and get an iPhone 15 for free or at least $1,000 off. Sounds like a great deal, right?”

However, the astute customer notes that the deal comes with the caveat which is that she must “upgrade to the Go 5G Plus Plan, which aside from being a mouthful, is more expensive by $30 a month than I already pay.”

The TikToker says that when she pointed this out to the representative from T-Mobile, they claimed that even though her bill would be $30 more on the new plan, the customer would save money on her monthly bill in the long run.

“I’m intrigued. Lay it out for me, T-Mobile. Girl math. My current plan charges are for $120 and with the new plan it’ll be $150 a month for 24 months, on a contract mind you. That’s only $30 more a month and it can get me my device for almost free … And, you can get free Netflix okay, and Apple TV, so that’s how I’m eventually gonna be saving money on my monthly bill.”

“Can somebody explain that logic to my husband?” she says, concluding the video. “Cause I can’t even make it make sense. Nice try, T-Mobile.”

Viewers shared their thoughts about T-Mobile and the Everydaygirlie’s phone plan in the comments.

One user couldn’t believe the TikToker paid $120 a month to begin with: “$120? for a phone bill? Am i the only person who still pays $55 for unlimited and their data works fine?” The creator responded to clarify that her plan was for multiple lines.

Someone else remarked that purchasing phones directly from Apple, rather than a mobile phone provider, was the way to go: “This is why I don’t buy my iPhones from the phone services- I’ve always bought them through apple- and pay my plan separate from my iPhone.”

“Literally if I trade in a device for a device “on them” why is it just a monthly bill credit and I’m still paying on my phone,” another user asked.

However, one person claimed that they were very happy with T-Mobile’s trade-in program, claiming, “They gave me $1,000 for my iPhone 11 last year if I upgraded to Magenta and it was totally worth it!”

According to T-Mobile’s iPhone 15 promotion, the company promises to save customers up to $270 every month in “value” if they decide to upgrade. “Score iPhone 15 Pro on Us with trade‑in, the freedom to upgrade every year and over $270 in value every month with 2+ lines on Go5G Next.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to T-Mobile and the TikToker via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2023, 4:51 pm CDT