4chan shooter standoff

After killing two, a suspect is barricaded in his home. A 4chan post claims to be coming from inside the house.

A locksmith and a police officer in Modesto, Ca. are dead, and the man responsible has barricaded himself in his house.

As he waits for the SWAT team to descend on him, he apparently took the time to write about the experience on 4chan’s infamous /b/ board, a board where literally anything goes.

/b/ posters write anonymously, so there is no way to verify that the post was written by the shooter. Based on timestamps, the address given, and posts describing the chatter on the police radio stream, the identity of the poster does “seem legit,” as a 4channer would say.

The 4chan post identifies the man as James H. Ferrario, a name Fox 40 News has used in reporting the stake-out, which is now approaching its fifth hour. The address of the house also appears to belong to Ferrario, as confirmed both on 4chan and by Fox 40 News.  

Fox 40 News described the 4chan posts as “bragging” on its livestream.

“They think my Tahoe outside is rigged with explosives,” wrote “Ferrario” on 4chan. “That would be too obvious. I bet they’re wondering where my other 4 cars are right now. They’ll find out.”

Ferrario has prior military training, which has made law enforcement cautious about storming the house, wary of booby-traps. The 4chan posts certainly don’t help.

According to the poster on 4chan, he is also monitoring all police radio streams.

“I have time because I know their every move at this point. I’ve got their other channels monitored as well, ones you don’t hear on that web scanner. I’m going to have to go soon though because they’re planning something involving explosives to bust in though. They requested some PBS switches, so I’m guessing they’ve got some explosive charges for a full perimeter breach, but forgot to bring switches for it. Or they brought one, but are planning on blowing pretty much all perimeter windows and doors at the same time. So yeah, I need to focus and adapt to their attack plan for a bit.”

The locksmith and the police officer had approached the house in order to serve an eviction notice, reported Fox 40 News

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