Starbucks manager shares fall Apple Croissant hack

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‘Trying this my next shift’: Starbucks manager shares fall Apple Croissant hack

'I'm gonna order that.'


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Posted on Aug 28, 2023

Starbucks manager Beth Daniells (@bethdaniells) recently went viral for showing off her custom Apple Croissant “hack” folks may want to try out this fall when visiting the popular coffee chain. In a video that garnered 176,000 views, Daniells tries out the confection after walking folks through how to make it, and the results have several TikTokers intrigued.

Starbucks employees may join the ranks of other disgruntled employees who quickly become tired of dealing with wave after wave of customers who want to try the latest TikTok craze popularized by an influencer.

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“Good morning, we are live behind my line at my store just minutes before we open,” Daniells begins, before announcing a newly launched product at the chain. “We’re gonna launch this puppy this is an Apple Croissant…this is not standard but you better believe I’m gonna charge you for it if you come in my store and you order it.”

The manager holds up the croissant and then plops it into a mermaid-branded disposable container. “Get it in an oatmeal cup,” she instructs before pulling out a contraption that appears to be filled with the chain’s sweet cream cold foam. A fellow Starbucks employee, Stephy, periodically pops into the frame during the video, as Daniells explains, “Vanilla sweet cream, one of the best inventions Starbucks came up with.”

The manager then rattles off another ingredient in the sweet, fall-themed concoction: caramel drizzle. She pours the whipped vanilla sweet cream onto the croissant resting inside the oatmeal container.

“We warmed up that croissant, oh my God, let me just show you. Stephy, why are you laughing you know you’re gonna try it,” Daniells says as she shows off her creation to the camera. “Oh my God,” Daniells says again before drizzling the item with some caramel from a tube.

She then grabs some utensils and begins digging into the treat. “You gotta be forking kidding me. Stephy this is gonna be a mess,” Daniells says. Stephy agrees before she fishes a piece out from the container to give it a try.

As she does that, Daniells points to the camera and says, as a responsible manager does, “Just so you know you’re not supposed to eat behind the line where you’re making food in a prep area so we’re gonna clean it, we’re not open yet.”

Stephy steps back after tasting it. “I’m not gonna lie. That’s pretty good,” she says, wagging her finger at the dish.

“10/10?” Daniells asks, before adding, “I’m gonna order that. You could also twist it with some of this apple spice.” She then shows a tube of the spiced apple syrup offered by the popular coffee chain, before ultimately cutting out the video to officially open the store for business.

Apparently, Daniells isn’t the only Starbucks worker getting creative with some of the chain’s fall offerings. One commenter wrote that they came up with their own concoction that’s akin to an apple pie. “We did it with some cinnamon powder to make it more like an apple pie,” they said.

Putting whipped cream over a variety of warmed pastries seems par the course for a lot of Starbucks employees. “I was a partner years ago. Loved it. Warmed up pumpkin loaf in a cup +whipped cream = taste like,” another person said.

So how do others feel about Daniells’ custom order? As one commenter wrote, “Just finished mine on my lunch with apple drizzle & cinn dolce topping.” They topped off their remark with a series of emojis explicating just how delicious they thought it was.

There were also a lot of other folks who mentioned how fun it must be working with someone like Daniells, and it’s not difficult to see why. She does appear genuinely enthusiastic about crafting custom orders and has a great back-and-forth with her co-worker, Stephy, in the clip.

“Me here wishing you were working in my store you seem like such a great person to work with,” one person said, while another wrote, “I wish you were my manager.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Daniells via TikTok comment and Starbucks via email for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2023, 2:20 pm CDT