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‘That had to be an inside job’: Customer says someone opened and skinned all the rotisserie chickens at Sam’s Club

‘That’s insane behavior.’


Jack Alban


A big reason why so many people were simultaneously entranced and horrified by Heath Ledger’s performance in 2008’s “The Dark Knight” can be summed up in one quote Michael Caine’s character said about the Joker: “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” There are psychological standards used to assess this kind of behavior and according to Royal Society Publishing, “Recent research shows that some individuals have a strong desire to incite chaos when they perceive themselves to be marginalized by society.”

For one Sam’s Club anarchist, it appears that they’ve decided to take vengeance against the world by opening containers of rotisserie chicken, stealing the skins, while leaving their bare flesh exposed on the shelves for other customers to find.

@putrid_poser 😭😭😭😭 y u do dis #samsclub #samsclubrotisserie #rotisseriechicken #samsrotisseriechicken #chickenskin #chicken ♬ original sound – bonbonn

A TikToker by the name of Bonbonn (@putrid_poser) posted a viral clip of the poultry problem, saying in the video, “Who the hell, opened and freaking skinned all the rotisserie chickens and left them open at freaking Sam’s Club right now?”

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, if you suspect someone has tampered with a food product at a business, you should immediately contact a store manager to alert them of the issue. If you brought the item home before realizing it’s been messed with, then you should contact your local police department and file an official report. There are also dedicated phone numbers listed on the agency’s website, one for meat and poultry and another for seafood, eggs, and other items where you can call to alert an agent to the particulars of the food tampering you’ve experienced.

In recent years, viral videos circulated the internet that purportedly shows internet pranksters intentionally tampering with food in stores and placing them back on shelves and refrigerators. While in some of these instances, it turned out that the jokester was just flexing for the camera and ended up buying the tampered product, like this Texas man who opened a tub of ice cream and licked the top, there have been some scary reported incidents where food tampering went past someone taking a little taste of a sweet treat. Like when David Lohr was caught poisoning food at a Safeway with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, which creates the “toxic and corrosive” peracetic acid.

One TikToker who saw Bonbonn’s post called the chicken skinner’s actions “insane behavior.” Others found humor in the skin-stealing debacle, with a user writing, “It was me… I had a pregnancy craving.”

Another penned, “Eric Cartmans 100%,” while someone else said, “This is a hate crime. And I will not stand for it.”

Someone else demanded that justice be served, sharing, “I want them to rewind the cameras please I need to see it in action then I want the culprit to be interviewed.”

Another TikTok user suggested that this sort of thing “would never” happen at a Costco, which seems to be supplanted by another commenter who simply said, “Sam’s Club says it all.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sam’s Club via email and @putrid_poser via TikTok comment.

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