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‘She [made] me dump my bag out in the middle of the store’: Customer gets accused of stealing at Shoppers Drug Mart

‘The shoppers staff are always SO confrontational about theft it’s wild.’


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A user on TikTok is calling out Shoppers Drug Mart after claiming that she was accused of stealing from the store when buying around $80 worth of products.

In a video with over 117,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user Leah Zecchino (@zecchinoleah) recounts the experience, which she says left her feeling “humiliated.”


I bought the loaf of bread, and waved the receipt at her as she watched me leave the store

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According to Zecchino, she had purchased around $80 worth of items from the beauty counter before continuing to walk around the store, as she needed a loaf of bread.

After a short time, a woman approached her asking to see the contents of her bag.

“Basically, like, ‘I know you f*cking stole,’” she says.

Zecchino responded by showing the woman her receipt. Apparently, this was not enough for the worker.

“She makes me dump my bag out in the middle of the store on the ground, and that’s not good enough for her,” Zecchino recounts. “She goes, ‘Let me see your pockets.’ I’m like, ‘There’s nothing in my pockets.’ She’s like, ‘Your other pockets.’ So I’m, like, lifting up my shirt to show her. My bag is on the ground. Like, I did not f*cking steal!”

This isn’t the first time that Shoppers Drug Mart has gone viral for appearing to falsely accuse shoppers of criminal behavior. In 2022, a user on TikTok went viral after alleging he was racially profiled by employees of the store when he was mistaken for another Asian person whom the TikToker asserts “[didn’t] look like him at all.”

On Zecchino’s video, users expressed their disappointment with the chain for their handling of the situation.

“Return the stuff and file a complaint with corporate office,” a user said.

“You should’ve made her pick up all the items and return them all with the receipt you already showed her,” another offered.

“I’d call and complain for sure,” a third stated. “I understand you not wanting to return and rebuy, but I’d complain to corporate.”

A few users claimed they had experienced similar behaviors from store employees.

“I get followed by security/employees the second I walk into Shoppers,” alleged a commenter.

“They follow me around every time I am in there because I have OCD skin picking and they stereotype me even when I’m with my child,” shared a second.

“I’ve had so many terrible experiences at Shoppers,” detailed a third. “Staff and security always think I’m stealing, and follow me around. Sorry this happened to you.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Shoppers Drug Mart and Zecchino via email.

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