Here’s another reason why you should always use protection.

Sex behind a dumpster led to a painfully awkward Craigslist confession in Cleveland, Ohio.

With nowhere else to turn, one anonymous man or woman took to the free classifieds site to reveal a positive test for HIV after the intimate encounter.

“We had sex behind a dumpster after NA [narcotics anonymous],” the post stated, according to newsnet5. (The post appears to have been deleted.) “[D]on’t remember your name. … I went for an HIV test and It came back positive.”

About 50,000 Americans are infected with HIV each year, AIDS.gov reported. In Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County, more than 200 people were diagnosed with HIV last year, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The post reportedly ended with a simple message: “Get yourself tested.”

Photo by bensonkua/Flickr


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