Waiter talking to the chef at the back explaining she messed up.


‘I’m already crying’: Server shows what really happens when you have to tell the kitchen you messed up

'The worst part of working in a restaurant.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Aug 19, 2023

Waiting tables is a tough job but there’s probably no harder part of it than having to tell the kitchen that you have royally messed up. Getting an order wrong or worse, forgetting to put one in at all, is the stuff of server nightmares, and one TikToker has done a great job of capturing the feeling on video.

Kieleeeee (@kielekassidy) posted a new video to her TikTok account yesterday that fully shows the absolute dread of owning up to a mistake in front of a restaurant’s line chefs. The video, which has over 825,000 views at publication time, is captioned, “The wrst part of working in a restaurant.”

@kielekassidy The worst part of working in a restaurant 🫣 #serving#servertok#restraunt#restrauntworker#serverlife#bartender#bartending#cocina ♬ original sound – Jaifei

The video’s screen text reads, “POV you have to tell the kitchen you messed up.” In it Kielee is seen walking in to the kitchen to confess to the line chef what she did. “Hey everyone, um … ah, I’m already crying,” she says as the line chef stares at her incredulously.

Kielee’s video will strike a nerve with most people, especially the many of us who have worked in the service industry. Her viewers made many comments in commiseration and even condfessed to experiencing a flashback or two to there own time waiting tables.

“I work at a restaurant where the kitchen is nice now but have PTSD from a mean kitchen, legit had a plate thrown at me,” Riley Kirby (@rileykirby8) wrote.

“Someone literally got fired bc the manager overheard how he spoke to me,” Christina (@chrissyschnee22) confessed.

“BROOOOO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE FEAR,” another viewer commented.

“I was always afraid of this,” another person wrote.

More than a few commenters spoke of the delicate balance required to convince the customers that the kitchen is at fault and convincing the kitchen that the table is to blame at the same time.

“‘Sorry the kitchen lost the ticket’ really I forgot to ring the food in,” Potch (@potch._) commented.

“Sorry but I blame it on the customer,” one viewer said.

“Blame ANYONE! it doesn’t matter. NEVER take responsibility for your own actions!” another viewer advised.

So far Kielee hasn’t posted any follow-up video but our fingers are crossed that the chef was understanding. The Daily Dot has reached out to Kielee via TikTok for further comment.

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*First Published: Aug 19, 2023, 5:11 am CDT