server speaking with caption 'I one time got fired for doing the exact same thing' (l) server accidentally spilling drinks on customer (c) server speaking with caption 'they might lose their job' (r)

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‘Please don’t be mean to them. They f*cked up. They might lose their job’: Server says she was fired after accidentally spilling drink on customer

‘I was shaking. I couldn’t even put water on the table after.’


Phil West


A server says she was fired after accidentally spilling a drink on a customer, and advises people to have a little empathy should they ever find themselves on the receiving end of such a mishap.

The video comes from TikTok creator HellQueen Cocktails (@hellqueencocktails), getting nearly 9,500 views in its first week on the platform. In it, the creator, wearing a “Feminist Killjoy” T-shirt, tells a truly embarrassing tale from her past. It starts with a stitch of a drink getting spilled on a bar customer and then quickly cuts to the creator.

“One time, I got fired for doing this exact thing except it was white wine,” she began. “If this does ever happen to you, I promise you that server is mortified. They are mortified, and like you were, you don’t know what’s gonna happen after the fact.”

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“So, as horrible as it was, please don’t be like really mean to them. They f*cked up. They might lose their job,” she reflected, laughing. “You don’t know, so, just, you know it’s just one of those things. Please just be nice to us.”

“Mortified,” she emphasized, to close out the video. “I was shaking. I couldn’t even put water on the table after.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

Commenters could relate.

“One time I spilled a glass of water on a mom, got a new one and [the] daughter said ‘be careful this time,’” one shared. “Daughter was probably like 4/5 years old.”

The creator remarked, “Training them early I guess.”

Another shared, “I have a fear of carrying champagne flutes on tray [because] of this.”

“I still am scared of carrying a tray full of stems glassware,” the creator confessed.

“A server once accidentally dumped a milkshake all over my son!!” someone related. “We died laughing and she was crying we felt so bad.”

The creator of the stitched video also swung by, remarking, “I can’t believe you got fired for that! I had my fair share of spills when I served.”

The creator replied, “Hahaha oh, yeah, totally fired.”

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