Server adds $52 charge to customers’ check for ‘having an attitude’

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‘If you’re going to run your mouth’: Server adds $52 charge to customers’ check for ‘having an attitude’

‘Sometimes I don’t charge for extra sauce unless they’re extremely rude.’


Braden Bjella


When a server has a rude customer, there’s not much they can do without being fired—at least, not directly.

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Instead, servers employ a host of methods to maintain their sanity while dealing with unkind eaters. For example, one internet user claimed she would write down mean things about the customers in her notepad while taking their orders. Another stated that they added drinks to the orders of rude customers.

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Now, another user on TikTok has sparked discussion with their method of dealing with customers who don’t show them respect.

How a server gets revenge

In a clip with over 460,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user @tablesharks shows someone typing on a POS machine in a restaurant.

“POV: your table thinks it’s okay to have an attitude with you,” the text overlaying the video reads.

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The video then shows someone adding a $52.99 surcharge to a customer’s bill for “having an attitude.”

“If you’re going to run your mouth, we’ll run your pockets,” the user writes in the caption.


If you're going to run your mouth, we'll run your pockets

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This server approach is not uncommon

In the comments section, @tablesharks admitted that the video was a joke.

“Obviously we wouldn’t actually do this,” the user said.

Regardless, many commenters claimed that stunts like these were not uncommon in the service industry.

“I always put sodas / special drinks in as water but if they give me attitude then i go back and change them and add refills,” detailed a user. “It doesn’t add much but it makes me feel better.”

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“Sometimes I don’t charge for extra sauce unless they’re extremely rude. I also make them pay for cups of ice or water,” offered another.

“You know im adding every one of those extra sauces and refills of you start running your mouth,” declared a third.

“I dont ring in extra sauces or drinks, but be rude? best BELIEVE im bringing in all the extras and every single thing you ask for,” stated a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to @tablesharks via TikTok comment.

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