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‘Y’all get payed hourly why do y’all care’: Starbucks barista mocks customers who get no ice with a cup of ice on the side

‘Don’t mind paying extra, but y’all always fill like 90% of the cup with ice.’


Phil West


A TikTok video from a Starbucks barista highlighted the latest salvo in the ongoing debate between ordering a drink with ice vs. light ice vs. no ice.

The video—courtesy of David Reymundo (@davidreymund0)—has more than 115,000 views. Its posting came shortly after news that Starbucks might begin charging for light ice orders.

In the clip, Reymundo laughed and showed viewers his middle finger when faced with the prospect of filling the following order: “Can I get no ice and a cup of ice on the side?”

@davidreymund0 LMAOOO yall just wait 😏😂😂 #starbucks ♬ original sound – cropped videoz

Commenters were split, though, on whether to support Reymundo or customers who order such drinks.

“When workers have to work,” one quipped.

That led Reymundo to snark back, “When customers have to pay.”

“This is the cheapest thing Starbucks has ever done,” one commenter declared, regarding the reported ice-charging policy. “A lot of companies, even small ones, add more product if cup looks empty.”

“Starbucks better NOT charge me for light ice,” another declared.

Other viewers questioned why baristas were upset about how much ice customers prefer.

“Y’all get payed hourly,” one remarked. “Why do y’all care?”

“I work in fast food and don’t understand why y’all are so upset over people taking advantage of the system,” another said. “It’s not like it’s gonna affect your pay.”

At least one customer said they were willing to pay, but there’s a limit to the amount of ice they want in their drinks.

“Don’t mind paying extra, but y’all always fill like 90% of the cup with ice,” a commenter remarked.

“Not our fault,” responded someone who appeared to be a barista. “That’s how Howard Starbucks wants the $7 drinks made.”

After a short back-and-forth in the comments, the supposed barista noted that low-level workers there not in charge of making Starbucks’s recipes—and don’t have a say in new policies. “If we did, things would be better.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Reymundo and Starbucks for comment.

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