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‘I’m going to Sam’s Club with 10 different hats’: Shopper discovers free Don Julio shots at Sam’s Club

'Have you tried this before?'


Phil West


Posted on Apr 14, 2023

In LMFAO’s 2009 hit “Shots,” the rap duo extolled the virtues of doing shots in the club. Sam’s Club is probably not the club they had in mind, but thanks to a TikToker who caught video of a Don Julio Tequila sampling station inside a Sam’s Club location, that’s a thing that exists online now.

In the short video from @alineolmos1, which has garnered 2.8 million views since going up on TikTok on Feb. 25, our protagonist gets the opportunity to take a tequila shot for free inside a big box store.

“Have you tried it before?” the salesperson asks him.

“Have I?” he considers. “No,” he says, seeming a little unsure whether he might have actually tried it on some random night out.

@alineolmos1 Free shots at Sam’s club 🤣🤣 #AXERatioChallenge #fyp ♬ original sound – Aline Olmos

The general reaction from commenters was wanting that to be a regular feature in their Sam’s Club.

“This really isn’t a bad idea,” one person offered. “Sometimes during running errands, [one] needs just a small shot to keep going.”

“I’d go there before going out, ’cause the club drinks gone be high,” another observed.

Several commenters made jokes about bringing along disguises to pose as multiple people to get multiple shots.

“I’m going to Sam’s Club with 10 different hats,” quipped one.

“I’d keep changing my shirt,” said another.

But the offer doesn’t appear to be in all Sam’s Clubs. State liquor laws likely have something to do with this, as one commenter from Laredo, Texas, noted that they’ve seen wine samples but not hard alcohol in their store.

“Why doesn’t my Sam’s Club give out shots?!!” one simply wanted to know.

Another surmised that Sam’s most obvious competitor wouldn’t make this flex, noting, “Costco could never I’m switching lol.”

Several people suggested, based on this video, that it’d be a good first stop but not an only stop—calling for Sam’s Club to be a “pregame” destination. Either way, it seems like Gen Z is getting wise to the secret habits of their parents.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Sam’s Club via website form.

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*First Published: Apr 14, 2023, 10:42 pm CDT