Vancouver, Wash. police discovered a video of  Ronnie “Ron Gotti” Wynn firing a .45 and an Airsoft pistol from car.

A 23-year-old man arrested for allegedly crashing a stolen car has fallen into further hot water after police found a YouTube video that shows the man driving around town and shooting a pistol and Airsoft rifle.

Ronnie “Ron Gotti” Wynn was arrested in July on suspicion of a stolen vehicle. While Wynn was in jail, police alerted him to several outstanding court warrants, including second degree possession of stolen property, driving with a suspended license, administering a hit-and-run, and property damage.

While investigating Wynn’s involvement in the vehicle theft, Vancouver, Wash., officers found a YouTube video titled “Ron gotti shooting guns again” on his Facebook page.

The video, since deleted from Wynn’s YouTube account (though YouTube channel Gakyoung Tube has a mirror), finds Wynn driving a car while holding a .45 caliber pistol and an Airsoft rifle, both of which he casually fires into a suburban neighborhood.

According to The Columbian, police found another YouTube video, also since deleted, that shows Wynn in possession of his uncle’s Ruger pistol and Airsoft rifle.

YouTube’s Community Guidelines make no mention of the illegal use of firearms being posted to the site, but there a prohibition on “videos showing bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drinking and smoking, or bomb making” that could cover the crime.

On Friday, Wynn’s mother, Carri Wynn, told Portland, Ore.’s KPTV that her son’s troubles are a product of his drug use and choice of friends.

“My son is not a bad son,” she said. “Ronnie is a good kid who went the wrong way.”

Photo via YouTube

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