Shopper shares the right way to use shopping carts when buying wine


‘You were how old when you realized?’: Shopper shares the right way to use shopping carts when buying wine

‘I was today years old.’


Brooke Sjoberg


It’s a familiar sound to many who spend time in the grocery store—glasses clinking together with the motion of a grocery cart as someone with a few bottles of wine rolls on through.

Some might find the sound to be familiar, even comforting. Others may resent the constant tinkling of glass on glass. One shopper says she has a hack for using shopping carts the “correct” way at the grocery store.

In a video posted to TikTok by content creator and small business owner Mary (@rompermary), she shows how to place bottles in a grocery cart to prevent them from rolling around or making noise. Her clip has drawn over 1.9 million views as of Monday morning.

Mary starts by placing the tip of the bottle through the grate of the child’s seat of the grocery cart, allowing the bottle to rest on the wires and be held in place—no rolling or clinking to be had.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the TikToker via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

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While a vast majority of viewers were more concerned with the poster’s outfit and finding a link to the romper she is wearing in the video, remaining commenters found the hack she presented to be worthwhile knowledge.

Many viewers shared that they had never considered this particular method of putting wine in their cart, and found the method useful, replying that they had learned just that day.

“Give this lady the Nobel prize for wine shopping technique!” one commenter wrote.

“Exactly today years and this minutes old,” another answered.

“Tik Tok University never fails me,” a third viewer said.

Others wrote that the method would not work for them if they brought their child grocery shopping with them.

“Yeah my child sits there so he would absol yeet these on the ground,” one commented.

“When my kids didn’t fit in the seat of the cart!” another wrote.

“By the time I reach the booze aisle, the trolley I’d full and the kids are screaming, that they can’t carry any bottles,” a further user added.

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