server searing steak at table with caption 'wanna do is steer both sides of your steak for about 10 to 15 seconds okay' (l) chef greenscreen TikTok over server searing steak at table (c) server searing steak at table with caption 'I'm just gonna show you real quick' (r)

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‘Why have the chef prepare it when you can have a server destroy it’: Chef calls out server for improperly showing customers how to sear their steak

‘You shouldn’t ever have to cut your steak like that.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok video, a chef called out a chain restaurant for serving “gimmicky” food that isn’t properly cooked.

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The clip is a stitch of user Raad_Noah’s (@raad_Noah) video showing his dining experience at Black Rock Bar and Grill, a chain steakhouse with locations in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and Florida. The restaurant specializes in steaks grilled by its own customers on a 775-degree volcanic stone, according to its website.

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In the stitch, user x86ed (@x86ed), who is a chef, says he’s noticed a “lot of really gimmicky stuff happening in restaurants.”

“This is one of them,” he says of Black Rock Bar and Grill.

@x86ed #duet with @Raad_Noah #steak #linecook ♬ original sound – Raad_Noah
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The original video in the background shows a server giving customers a demonstration on how to sear a steak on the restaurant’s volcanic stone. From the jump, the chef points out that the server isn’t using the proper technique to sear the steak.

@x86ed says the steak is likely still wet, given that it sticks to the stone instead of easily lifting off like it would if it was correctly seared. Instead of being able to easily lift and flip the steak, the server goes in with a knife and cuts the surface of the steak away from the stone.

“You shouldn’t ever have to cut your steak like that. If it’s seared properly it should come off nice,” @x86ed says. “… All that flavor is just sitting on that stone.”

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In addition to the steak’s surface having too much moisture, the TikToker points out that the stone is probably not hot enough to sear the meat. Instead of forming a nice brown crust, the steak the server is making has a greyish appearance.

“Doesn’t even look appetizing,” a top comment under the video read.

@x86ed went on to say that gimmicky restaurants will be remembered for their gimmicks instead of the takeaway being the actual quality and taste of the food.

The video has more than 1.1 million views and over 1,500 comments.

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“Would you want a 10 minute tutorial on how to improperly sear a steak? If so [this is] the place you want to be!” the caption read.

Several commenters pointed out how customers and servers alike aren’t happy with the direction restaurants are going in.

“Poor girl is like, I just wanted be a waitress but somehow I’m a chef,” a commenter wrote.

“It’s her confidence in what she’s doing that sells it. Can’t really blame her, she’s doing her job well even if it’s not right,” another said.

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“Self checkout is out of control. Now I gotta cook my own food in a restaurant,” a further user commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to @x86ed via TikTok comment and Black Rock Bar & Grill via email.

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