Here’s how to customize your Reddit news feed, thanks to the third-party add-on Reddit Enhancement Suite. 

For all its strengths as an aggregator of the Internet, social news site Reddit can still be a bit of a confusing mess. There’s just too much going on every day (every minute, really).

The site gives you tools to filter that information—you can choose which sections of the site pop up into your feed—but the customization stops there. The rest of your front page is determined by the cold logic of Reddit’s algorithm.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. All you need is third-party add-on Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES). And now there’s a handy infographic to show you exactly how to use it

The guide, created by RES’s designer and redditor solidwhetstone, is basically an intro to the suite’s dashboard feature, a tool that makes your front page highly customizable.  

And, yes, we admit it: This infographic is an RES advertisement. But the (free) browser add on pretty much transforms the Reddit experience, and we’ve highly recommended RES in the past. Plus, the guide doubles as a handy intro to how Reddit’s front page works, something any Reddit newbie will find invaluable.

So take a look below and start taking control of your Reddit front page.

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