Start your weekend right with with today’s alcohol and Cheez Doodle-filled Reddit Digest.

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  • It’s official: Talk to too many people on Reddit, and you just might get married. (/r/TwoXChromosomes)

  • It’s Friday. Some of you, it’s safe to say, are going to get drunk tonight. But before you do (or maybe while you do, if you make a habit of browsing Reddit drunk), be sure to read this r/askscience thread about high quality alcohol and its relation to hangovers. Watch out for those fusel oils! (/r/askscience)

  • Keeping with the alcohol theme, Scaryclouds wants to know: “What were medieval taverns like?” The redditor continues: “Setting aside technology how different would the experience be when compared to the modern bar/pub/tavern?” Perhaps he’s curious, or perhaps he just wants to know if there’s any point going to a Renaissance fair when he can just get plastered at his local dive bar. Here’s the answer: “Most large cities had curfew laws that were enforced after dark, so the idea of a medieval nightlife is somewhat flawed. Tavern and ale-house owners had to be ready to kick people out at dusk or prepare to host them the entire evening. Otherwise, taverns served the same purpose they serve today, it would seem.” (/r/AskHistorians)

  • You know you’re doing something right with your life when a simple bag of Cheez Doodles can briefly make you the happiest man in the universe. Life’s all about the simple things, after all, right? Aleksander Gamme skied across the South Pole and left a bag of rations for the return trip. By the time he did come back he’d already forgotten what he’d buried. This video, which shows his joyous discovery of the Cheez Doodles, was one of /r/videos biggest hits yesterday. Today, Gamme did an AMA. Was his Cheez Doodle flip out a sign he’d gone mad? “Sitting here in front of the computer makes me crazy. Living my dreams make me …live and love it.” (/r/IAmA)

  • Just to rain on the Cheez Doodle parade: In today’s edition of Signs of the Apocalypse, /r/science discusses the fact that “even low doses of widely used pesticides can harm bumblebees and honeybees, interfering with their homing abilities and making them lose their way.” Plants don’t really need to be pollinated, right? (/r/science)

  • It’s a pretty well-known fact that people who vote on Reddit submissions often don’t read the comments, meaning that an article which might been thoroughly debunked will still get upvotes thanks to a particularly sexy headline. Redditor vidyagames has an interesting solution to this problem: “allow a toggle that sorts reddit by number of votes from people who have clicked or replied to the comments.” (/r/TheoryOfReddit)

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