Teen gets automatic car wash at Quick Quack

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‘How do you explain this to your insurance?’: Teen gets automatic car wash at Quick Quack. It backfires

‘I’d be crying in the parking lot.’


Grace Fowler


A mom on TikTok posted a viral video after her daughter went to Quick Quack Car Wash and had an unexpected experience. 

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Lindsie Sharon (@lindsiesharon) has reached over 11.3 million views and 1.4 million likes on her video. She added a caption to her video that says, “When your teenage daughter thinks it’s a good idea to go to quick quack.”

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In the 13-second clip, Sharon’s daughter records herself in her car while getting a car wash at Quick Quack. Within the first second, Sharon’s daughter screams and shows on video that her back windshield has started to crack. 

Seconds later, the windshield shatters, and glass begins crashing into the back seat of her car. 

As she pulls out of the car wash, she pans her camera to show that her back windshield has been completely smashed in. She lets out one more scream and mouths, “Oh my god,” before ending her video.

@lindsiesharon When your teenage daughyer thjnks its a good idea to go to quick quack 🦆😔😅#quickquackcarwash #carwas #duck #fail #carfails #teenagelife ♬ original sound – Funny Sound Effects
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A curious viewer in the comments section asked Sharon, “Serious question.. How did this happen?!”

“She could have possibly had the smallest chip in it from a rock and never noticed it. This has happened to me before. One small tiny chip then one day it shattered over a pothole,” a viewer responded. 

According to Toyota, automatic car washes tend to put too much pressure on your windshield due to the use of “high-pressure water jets, high-velocity rollers, and abrasive roller brushes.” The site adds that if your windshield has a crack in it before the car wash, “Applying that pressure could cause the crack to increase or break entirely.”

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Another viewer told Sharon, “At least you got the video for insurance.” However, one commenter asked, “How do you explain this to your insurance?”

Insuranceopedia states that to determine whether your insurance policy will cover car wash damage, you need to know what type of coverage you carry. Generally, as long as you have “comprehensive and collision on your car,” insurance will cover car wash damage. “Coverage will also largely depend on what caused the damage,” the site adds. 

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If your car was damaged as a result of an “equipment malfunction, such as a brush falling onto your hood and breaking the windshield,” Insuranceopedia states the car wash owner will be held liable for the damages. 

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Sharon via TikTok comment and direct message and Quick Quack Car Wash via media contact form. 

In recent headlines, another customer at an automatic car wash says her previously damaged side mirror was shattered. Car washes often recommend that customers fold in mirrors before entering a car wash tunnel because they can easily become entangled in equipment and damaged. 

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