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Around 1,000 out of an expected 30,000 partygoers have turned up to the small Dutch city of Haren, and the scene is being described as “calm.”

“Project X Haren” is not living up to the craziness of the film that gave it its name, but the party is still wild.

Partygoers arriving in a small Dutch town Friday evening expected an out-of-control rager, but were instead greeted by armed cops and hordes of media. Thousands of youth are expected to swarm the town of Haren after an invite for a 16 year old’s party on Facebook went viral because she forgot to mark it private.

But scenes from the movie “Project X,” about an out of control house party, have not yet materialized. A Dutch news website called the city “relatively quiet” and reported that only around 500 partiers (including the media) had shown up—far from the 30,000 people estimated. Police warned people Thursday not to show up to the small commuter city.

A partygoer in attendance confirmed to the Daily Dot that the city is calm, although the number of partiers continues to grow.

“There [are] now a thousand people or more” tweeted Robert V, adding that the party is going to be “wrong at the end.” He added that police are threatening to arrest people who don’t leave the city, and tweeted pictures of overturned vehicles.

Partygoers are congregating on the street in front of the home of the 16-year-old who created the original public Facebook invitation, but the family has reportedly gone into hiding.

On Twitter, partiers are expressing their disappointment and providing commentary with the hashtag #ProjectXHaren. At least one person in attendance was not impressed with the event: “Haren #flop,” tweeted @rick_vis.

Here are 12 photos from Haren that might make you rethink attending:

Photo via Twitter

Dutch police on alert after Facebook party invite goes viral
A Facebook party invitation that was accidentally made public has grown into a wild event called Project X Haren, with 150,000 people currently invited. The Dutch town where the party is scheduled has a population of 18,000.
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