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‘Popeyes employees will give you whatever to make at home’: Popeyes customer finds out how chain’s frozen lemonade is made after not wanting to wait

‘Most restaurants use this.’


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A Florida woman (@therealbfamily) was shocked by the response a food service worker gave her after she joked about the long wait times for a frozen lemonade when she was visiting a Popeyes. She posted about her experience in a viral TikTok that’s garnered over 98,000 views on the application, and folks thought it was hilarious.

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She writes in a text overlay of her clip, “Popeyes will literally give you whatever to make at home. I paid the man $5 to pocket and he said have it idec.”

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Popeyes worker gives customer frozen Minute Maid concentrate

“Yo, so I came to Popeyes thinking I was getting a frozen lemonade, however, it was an hour wait,” the TikToker says. “Y’all, I told these people that I was gonna make it at the house jokingly. And look what I got? This is the mix that they use y’all. OK, it’s the key, y’all gotta find it. Period.”

She zooms in and out on the carton of frozen lemonade allegedly given to her by the Popeyes employee.

She further shared just how surprised she was by the Popeyes’ employee’s reaction to her joke in a caption for the TikTok, while also clarifying that folks shouldn’t expect to just waltz up to a Popeyes employee to buy some Minute Maid frozen lemonade concentrate.

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“Popeyes employees will give you whatever to make at home like i was literally joking,” she wrote. “He must of needed that $5 for gas becauses he jumped when we said we will give him money to pocket . NO THEY DONT SELL THIS , BUT YOU MIGHT GET A EMPLOYEE THAT DONT CARE ABOUT THEY JOB.”

Numerous folks who responded to her video seemed to find the interaction just as humorous as she did.

“Now you just need 8 quarts of water and you in there” one person penned.

However, others expressed disappointment that there wasn’t a special lemonade-making procedure Popeyes followed. “Here I am stupidly believing they made it another way,” one user said.

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Another user on the application stated that this was par the course when it comes to flavored lemonades at restaurants: “Olive Garden used to use this too for the strawberry lemonade.”

“Wendys too they use carton lemonade w some strawberry syrup type joint,” someone else remarked.

Popeyes isn’t the only joint to allegedly sell name-brand products

This isn’t the first time a customer of a popular food franchise was up in arms after spotting consumer grade ingredients the general public can purchase for themselves at a grocery store.

One Crumbl Cookies visitor called out the chain after spotting numerous boxes of Betty Crocker mix in a location. And while there were other folks online, like this Redditor and others who maligned this practice, several people stated that they didn’t think there was anything wrong with using a pre-mix base in making cookies.

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On Popeyes’ website, the chain expressly states that it does, indeed, utilize Minute Maid products in the creation of its lemonade beverages.

Another Popeyes customer who responded to @therealbfamily video stated that they, too, found themselves in a situation where they were going to have to wait longer than they would have liked in order to get a menu item. When they piped up to a worker about it, they were also handed the item to take home and prepare themselves. “I remember when the strawberry biscuits was a hour wait I told them to give them to me and I’ll make them at home and they gave me them lol,” they wrote.

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@therealbfamily Popeyes employees will give you whatever to make at home 😂😂 like i was literally joking . He must of needed that $5 for gas becauses he jumped when we said we will give him money to pocket . NO THEY DONT SELL THIS , BUT YOU MIGHT GET A EMPLOYEE THAT DONT CARE ABOUT THEY JOB 😭😭😭😭 #popeye #popeyeschickensandwich #popeyeslemonade #frozenlemonade #fyp #fypage #fypシ゚viral #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #explore #explorepage #lifeamovie #minutemaid ♬ original sound – therealbfamily

When it comes to wait times, there have been a number of folks on various social media platforms who’ve decried Popeyes as taking egregiously long to fulfill orders. A disgruntled DoorDash driver posted to the site’s r/DoorDash sub stating that they’ve noticed a recurring trend when it comes to fulfilling Popeyes orders—that it takes forever to do so.

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Another Popeyes customer went viral after heading inside of a store in their pajamas after waiting in their car for 20 minutes so they could get to the bottom of why whatever they bought was delayed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Popeyes via email and @therealbfamily via TikTok comment for further information.

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