woman shares ‘hack’ she uses to not have to sit by anyone on plane

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‘That’s not iconic’: Viewers are divided after woman shares ‘hack’ she uses to not have to sit by anyone on plane

‘I hope I’m on all your flights!!!’


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Travel can be the worst. Anyone who has to roll out of bed to make a 5am redeye flight only to find themselves wedged into a middle seat as the person in front of you fully reclines their seat knows this.

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You can’t blame anyone who’s looking for an upgrade. But some “hacks” are shadier than others and one such shortcut to a roomier flight has a lot of TikTok viewers raising their eyebrows. “Is it even worth it?” some are asking.

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We’ll let you be the judge.

The hack originates from the TikTok account for The Upgrade (@theupgrade_), a travel news site that describes itself as “a world-leading indie travel news source, providing the most up-to-date and relevant news for travelers across the globe, since 2017.”

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Their TikTok account provides a number of travel tips, but their most viral post had viewers split before it got deleted. The now-removed video, posted a week ago, has already received a staggering 6.7 million views as of Monday.

In it, a woman is seen on a plane while the popular sound clip of Kim Kardashian saying “Because it’s iconic and I love to do iconic sh**!” plays. The woman holds a hand to her face in mock chagrin as the screen text reads, “When I buy 3 refundable seats and cancel 2 at the last minute.”

In a statement to the Daily Dot, site founder Kashlee Kucheran said the reason they removed the video was that it was “satire and joke.”

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“The video was born when our social media manager Ivanna just by chance had an entire row to herself, and made it into a fun parody for TikTok,” she said in an email. “Ivanna’s comment, ‘Everyone dreams about having a row all to themselves and I was lucky enough to realize that dream on my last flight. The video was a cheeky spin on my experience that day.’”

“We have removed the video in good faith to ensure people don’t take a social media parody seriously,” they wrote. However, it seems viewers still had divided opinions before the video was ultimately removed.

@theupgrade_ Oppppppps 🤪🙈✈️ #funtravel #travellife #travelcontent #travelcontentcreator #traveltips #traveladdict #traveloffpath ♬ original sound – kardashianicon
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The perhaps appropriately handled user QueenKaren (@queenkar3n) wrote, “That’s not iconic. There are people who need seats to see loved ones and your selfishness prevent [sic] them from doing that.”

Many other viewers pointed out that the hack is unlikely to work with so many people waiting on standby in the airport.

“As a family that flies standby regularly—my kids and I will be thrilled to have those seats!” spamthekeyboard (@spamthekeyboard) wrote.

“As a flight attendant who flies standby, I hope I’m on all your flights!!!” an airline employee added.

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“Doesn’t work if there’s a standby list,” another viewer chipped in.

However, some people wrote that the hack might be worth a shot, given the odds. User vnrides (@vnrides) wrote, “If there is no cancellation fee then this a great lifehack.”

Another viewer commented, “Wait that’s actually the smartest thing ever.”

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