What looked like a brilliant strategic move for Pinterest—adding support for Twitter’s “expanded tweets” just days after Instagram stopped doing so—was apparently just an experiment.

Just days after Pinterest pushed deeper into tweets, it’s pulling its pins out of Twitter’s corkboard.

Pinterest integrated with Twitter Cards (or expanded tweets) early last week, seemingly as a way to let users who shared pins let their followers see what they were adding to their boards without having to mosey over to Pinterest itself.

However, a spokesperson told the Daily Dot Thursday that this was a limited test, and Pinterest is “turning off the integration while we evaluate the results.” The future of Pinterest on Twitter is not quite clear, since the spokesperson added that Pinterest doesn’t have “any long term plans to announce at this point.”

At the moment, rather than displaying a full-size preview of pinned images within tweets, expanding tweeted links to pins looks like this:

It’s an interesting turn of events, especially on the heels of Instagram pulling its Twitter Cards support in favor of trying to move eyeballs over to its own website. Pins might return to expanded tweets at some point, but for now, Pinterest fans may have to turn back to the pinning boards.

Photo via 83 Oranges/Pinterest

With Instagram gone from Twitter, Pinterest sneaks in
Pinterest quietly added support for Twitter Cards (i.e., expanded tweets), so you can check out a pin someone’s shared on Twitter without actually having to head over to Pinterest.
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