A showcase of what's new on Philo in November 2021.


What’s New on Philo (November 2021)

Tis’ the season for mom-friendly movies.


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Philo is one of the best solutions for live streaming cable for many reasons, but chief among them is that price. Twenty-five bucks gets you access to more than 60 popular cable channels like Lifetime, MTV, Comedy Central, and even the Food Network. 

Of course, even in the age of live streaming, viewers are still susceptible to “screen paralysis.” Despite the big offering of channels, you may still ponder, “What the hell do I watch?” Luckily, we’ve compiled this watch guide to keep you up to date on the can’t-miss shows coming to Philo this season. 

  • Best New Movies on Philo: Miracle in Motor City, Open By Christmas, Christmas in Tune
  • Best New Shows on Philo: 1000-Lb Sisters, Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman

Best new movies on Philo: November 2021

Miracle in Motor City

Premieres November 28, 8pm EST on Lifetime 

When it comes to wholesome Christmas movies, the holiday season gets longer and longer every year. And while the genre of “holiday movies your mom loves” used to be strictly a Hallmark thing, Lifetime is getting in on the racket. 

Miracle in Motor City is a bit of a far cry from the usual smarmy schlock. It features Tia Mowry as Amber Dupont, who takes charge of her church’s Christmas Pageant. Her goal? Get the real-life Smokey Robinson to perform. Will she convince the Motown legend to make a surprise cameo at the pageant? Probably! 

Christmas in Tune

Premieres November 26, 8pm EST on Lifetime

Another new Christmas joint giving Hallmark a run for its money is one starring country legend Reba McEntire. After years of breaking up, country duo Georgia and Joe Winter decide to reunite for a charity concert. Would you believe that sharing the stage rekindles a long-dead romance. It’s the season of miracles, who’s to say Georgia can’t get her groove back?

Best new shows on Philo: November 2021

1000-Lb Sisters

Premieres November 15, 10 pm EST on TLC

Amy and Tammy Slaton have personalities that are larger than life. After two seasons documenting their weight loss journeys, the Slatons are back, and the drama will likely be as captivating as ever. 

Since last we saw the sisters, Tammy had seemingly gained all the weight her sister lost. Now, Amy will soon move away for the first time with her growing family, leaving Tammy to stand on her own. Will this cause a rift between the once best friends? The only thing for sure as far as Amy is concerned is “She pays her bills, her bills are paid.” 

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman

Premieres November 8, 10 pm EST on History

Many wise folks have pondered, “What that throat do?” If you’re Morgan Freeman, the answer is “narrate things with untold gravitas.” The Shawshank star will tell the amazing stories of the most famous jail breaks in history. Alcatraz, Dannemora, Pittsburgh State Penitentiary and other popular escapes will not only be recounted, but recreated with actors. In some cases, the actual real-life prison guards, cell mates, and even jail breakers will play themselves. 

November 2021: Best new movies and shows on Philo

Here’s a list of the new shows and movies coming to Philo in November along with the channel they premiere on.

November 2 

  • The Curse of Oak Island, History
  • Political Animals, Revry

November 3

  • Portals to Hell, Travel Channel

November 4

  • Women Who Rock, EPIX
  • Queer India, Revry

November 5

  • Open By Christmas, Hallmark 

November 6

  • Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
  • Highway to Heaven, Lifetime
  • Royal Christmas Engagement, UPTV
  • Next Stop, Christmas, Hallmark

November 7

  • Condor Season 2, EPIX (with Add-On)
  • A Christmas Treasure, Hallmark
  • Yellowstone Season 4, Paramount Network
  • Christmas with a Prince: The Royal Baby, UPTV

November 9

  • Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman, History

November 10

  • Call the Closer, HGTV
  • My 600-Lb Life, TLC

November 11

  • Transmilitary, Revry

November 12

  • Table Wars, HGTV
  • A Snowy Christmas, UPTV
  • An Ice Wine Christmas, Lifetime 

November 13

  • A Picture Perfect Holiday, Lifetime

November 14

  • Snowed in for Christmas, UPTV

November 15

  • Flipping Showdown, HGTV
  • 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC

November 16

  • Fixer to Fabulous, TLC
  • 7 Little Johnstons, BBC America
  • Top Gear: UK Season 31, BBC America

November 19

  • Dancing Through the Snow, Lifetime

November 20

  • Happy Birthday Marsha, Revry
  • Mistletoe and Molly, UPTV
  • Super Cooper: Gary Cooper Movie Weekend, INSP

November 21

  • Sister Wives, TLC
  • Christmas on 5th Avenue, UPTV
  • Baking Spirits Bright, Lifetime
  • Power Book II: Ghost, Starz (with Add-On)

November 26

  • Star-studded Stampede: Black Friday Marathon, INSP
  • Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune, Lifetime

November 27

  • The Dead Files, Travel Channel
  • Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, Lifetime

November 28

  • Miracle in Motor City, Lifetime
  • Soul Train Awards, BET

November 29

  • Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion, Lifetime

November 30

  • I Am Jazz, TLC
  • Saying Yes to Christmas, Lifetime

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