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‘Oyster girl strikes again’: Oyster dater goes to get crawfish this time. She gets recognized by the workers

'Girl you need to start getting paid to review places and do story times!'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Oct 19, 2023

A woman who went viral after she filmed herself eating 48 oysters on a first date has posted another video of herself eating crawfish, as she recounts of what happened when she went to pick up the takeout order.

TikTok user EquanaB (@equanaaa) received over 95,000 views on her video as of this writing, with many viewers urging the creator to start using her account for more food reviews. 

@equanaaa I meant Decatur not Atlanta #neworleansseafood #crawfish ♬ original sound – EquanaB

In the clip, EquanaB says she went to a restaurant called South New Orleans Seafood in Decatur, GA, to get crawfish with her mother. She records her buying 10.65 pounds of crawfish. For the rest of the video she films herself eating the crawfish, while using a voiceover to tell the story of what happened at the restaurant. 

She explains that when she got to the restaurant there were only a few other couples waiting around to get their food. 

“My momma knows they don’t sell oysters, but she was trying to be funny talking about, ‘Where the oysters at?’” the TikToker says, referring to her first viral video.

The creator goes on to explain that a women sitting with her husband at the restaurant said, “Oh my god girl, do not get him started on them oysters.” Then the husband asked if they were referring to “that oyster girl b*tch.”

EquanaB says the man added, “Did y’all see the video? That b*tch thought she was about to get over.” The man also said he wanted to meet the man that took the TikToker out on that date, in order to tell him that the world needs more men like him.

EquanaB says the man went on to denigrate “the oyster girl,” claiming if he was on the date he would have done much worse than just leave her at the table with the check. He also made disparaging remarks about her, refferring to her as that “BBL b*tch.”

@equanaaa #hebrokeyallendofstory #fontainesoysterhouse #oysters ♬ original sound – EquanaB

The TikToker tells viewers that despite what the man was saying, she was “looking at [her] momma like, don’t say sh*t.”

Most viewers were confused about why the stranger was so heated about the woman and her oyster date.

“You are hilarious and why was he so mad?” one asked. 

“Oyster girl strikes again! I love it!” wrote another.

“For real acting like it happened to him,” a third viewer said. 

“Oh he went in!” someone else wrote, before adding, “I wish you said something.” 

One viewer told the creator, “Girl you need to start getting paid to review places and do story times!” 

“Need to see who can get you some seafood sponsorships,” another commented. 

The Daily Dot reached out to EquanaB via TikTok direct message for further comment.

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*First Published: Oct 19, 2023, 3:45 pm CDT