boat owner shares ‘boat etiquette’ for guests this summer

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‘Bringing a crisp $100 for gas and dock fees’: Viewers divided after boat owner shares ‘boat etiquette’ for guests this summer

‘I just know this is directed at some extended family member.’


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Viewers are divided after a boat owner shares what he considers good “boat etiquette” to guide guests this summer. Do you agree with the TikToker’s philosophy?

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TikTok user 3 Finger Guy (@3.finger.guy) is a longtime boat owner who enjoys “boating, golf & family” as well as grilling. He posted a video from his boat that features an expletive-laden explanation of his boating principles. “It is the peak of boating season right now,” he says. “I like to invite friends and family out with us, and this is some etiquette that you need to know if you get invited on a boat this year.”

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As far as 3 Finger Guy is concerned, there’s really only one main rule of boating: Don’t do “anything stupid” that is going to potentially mess up his good time. “And a surefire way to start the day off on a bad foot is if you don’t show up on time,” he says. “So, if I tell you that we are leaving at noon, that means the motor is on, and we’re untying the ropes, and we’re out.”

That means, according to 3 Finger Guy, that you’re already on the boat with your personal items stowed away properly, and you’ve gone to the bathroom and are otherwise ready to go. “And your a** is sitting down,” he says. “Because that means I showed up about an hour before you, taken the cover off, wiping down the boat, icing down my cooler. And I don’t want to sit there idle, sitting in the hot sun, waiting on you.”

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Another pet peeve of 3 Finger Guy is when people get out on the water and tell him they’ve got to be back at a specific time. “That should have been established at the time of the invitation,” he says. “In fact, don’t even ask me what time we’re getting back because I don’t know. I’m coming back when I feel like coming back.”

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If you do get out on the water with 3 Finger Guy and the trip is a quick two hours? “That’s a pretty good indication that you got on my f*cking nerves, and you’re not invited back. And I’m going to sit on my boat until I see your car leave the f*cking parking lot, and I’m going to continue on with my day,” he says.

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In a follow-up video, 3 Finger Guy tackles boat owners who ask their guests to chip in money for fuel. “When you’re invited on my boat, I don’t want nor do I need your money,” he says. “I get it. Gas is very expensive on the water. It’s about twice as much as you’re going to pay on land. But I am a boat owner. I budget for that. I budget for my fuel like I budget for the mortgage for my house. I’m going to spend that whether you’re with me or not.”

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In a third video, 3 Finger Guy discusses alcohol etiquette. This mainly involves bringing your own alcoholic beverages, as there are “no convenience stores on the water.” Additionally, he notes that you should bring cans and never bottles, including glass beer bottles, aluminum bottles, and wine bottles. 

The three videos have amassed a combined 3.3 million views. In the comments, some viewers found 3 Finger Guy’s take spot on. Others said they would decline the invite.

One viewer joked, “I just know this is directed at some extended family member.”

A second viewer said, “People who are making hate comments are the people who show up late and are the problem.”

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A third viewer stated, “I’m coming, bringing a crisp $100 for gas and dock fees, a cooler, and no schedule.”

Someone else said, “Unc bought a small boat and went on a power trip.”

3 Finger Guy isn’t the only one who has put boating etiquette into words. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has its own list of unspoken rules for being out on the water. The list includes respecting the ramp, owning your wake, keeping music at a “decent” level,” and refraining from throwing trash overboard.

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The Daily Dot reached out to 3 Finger Guy via TikTok comment and direct message for comment.

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