Woman reveals why she won't be tipping anymore unless it's a hairstylist, or restaurants

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‘I’m not paying people to do the job they signed up for’: Woman reveals that she’ll only be tipping hairstylists, restaurants from now on

‘I’m not tipping when I had to serve my frozen yogurt myself.’


Charlotte Colombo


Supposedly, we’re in an era of “tipping fatigue.” While 95% of people say they tip at least sometimes, one in three people feel pressured to, according to Forbes. But one TikToker, Sammy, called out these expectations in a video that has now amassed 1.9 million views.

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In the video, Sammy mimes pushing a button as an on-screen caption reads, “Me hitting the ‘no tip’ button with no shame because I’m not paying people to do the job they signed up for.”

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“I tip at sit-down restaurants, tattoo artists, hairstylists and THAT IS IT,” she added via the video description.

Unsurprisingly, while a lot of people agreed with Sammy’s sentiments—with over 300,000 TikTokers liking her post—she sparked a fierce debate.

“I don‘t get tipped for doing my job, so why do i have to tip others for doing theirs?” one asked.

“Tipping is fine, but American tipping culture where they EXPECT tips as if it’s part of your bill is CRAZY,” another wrote.

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“I had a self-serve yogurt place ask me to leave a tip, like I did the work,” a third noted. While a fourth added, “I tip if you do something for me but like I’m not tipping you if I’m going through a drive through.”


i tip at sit down restaurants, tattoo artists, hairstylists and THAT IS IT

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A further commenter admitted that they could “never not leave a tip,” along with a fellow user who admits they tip out of guilt.

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“I tip everyone bc i know how stressful it is, and I always feel bad,” they shared. “[The] majority of them try their best, and go paycheck to paycheck. They deserve something nice every [once in a] while.”

Other service workers also joined the chorus as they shared the impact tipping can have on them.

“At our fast food store we can barely get raises because ‘we usually have good tips,’” a supermarket worker wrote. “We aren’t asking for fun?”

“I work the snack bar in a bowling alley, trust me, we rely on those tips HEAVILY,” another said. “We may not be a sit-down restaurant, but we cook the food just the same.”

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Sammy didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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