Olive Garden server gives customers extra to-go leftovers after they order unlimited soup and salad

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‘I tipped good lol’: Olive Garden server gives customers extra to-go leftovers of unlimited soup and salad

‘My OG never gives me to go soup they said it’s unlimited in restaurant only.’


Brooke Sjoberg


When out to eat at a restaurant, leaving a review might not cross the mind of a customer unless something goes wrong.

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Good dining experiences rarely result in a positive review—but during one woman’s meal at Olive Garden, she received such good service when it was time to leave and pack up any leftovers, that she left a review via TikTok.

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In the video shared to the platform by Shauna (@jeepgurlshauna), the poster tells viewers that she certainly got what she paid for at her local Olive Garden—and she urges others to do the same.

For the excellent service she received, which included bringing extra leftovers to take home, Shauna shares that she and her friend who joined her for the meal had tipped their waitress $50.


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“So we asked for extra leftovers for us, and then Stacy got dinner for the family, and she said we do not need to take the salad home but I asked for salad so they came and gave us a box for the salad,” Shauna details. “And then they brought us more breadsticks because I wanted more breadsticks.”

The poster clarified in her comment section that the video had been filmed to send to her children for a laugh, joking about running her waitress ragged, although she had done no such thing in reality.

Several viewers left comments on the video agreeing with the poster, noting that they had always been well taken care of by their local Olive Garden staff.

“You’re definitely gonna get ya moneys worth at Olive Garden,” one commenter wrote.

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“I asked for a to go thing for the rest of my salad and the girl was like nah I’m just gonna make you a fresh one with the dressing on the side to send,” another shared.

“My waiter gave me a nice pre packaged to go for the salad!” a third said. “Was soo nice!”

However, some claimed that they had very different experiences at the restaurant.

“My waiters say it’s all you can eat,” one commented. “Basically can’t give me extra.”

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“My OG never gives me to go soup they said it’s unlimited in restaurant only,” another wrote.

“Yea but its olive garden, hella rancid food,” a further commenter argued.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shauna via Instagram direct message, as well as to Olive Garden via email regarding the video.

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