former Olive Garden employee speaking in car with caption ''could you go in the back and help'' (l) Olive Garden building with sign (c) former Olive Garden employee speaking in car with caption 'and I'm not doing everybody else's flipping job'

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‘I’m not about to do your job’: Olive Garden server asks co-workers to restock the back. He got fired

'I don’t see any breadsticks, I don’t see any soup.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Aug 23, 2023

An Olive Garden server went viral on TikTok for asking his co-workers to restock the back room and then getting fired. 

By Wednesday afternoon, Johnnie (@johnnieteague) has reached over 64,000 views on his video. He has frequently gone viral on TikTok for posting storytime videos. 

Johnnie starts the video by saying you should never work at Olive Garden. He then prefaces that he was working three jobs at time, and wasn’t too upset about getting fired. His first job was at a coffee shop and he had to work starting at 6:00am.

He then adds that he only got a total of four hours of sleep that night, so once he got to his Olive Garden shift he was a “little tired.” 

“It’s a Friday night,” he says. “You know, one of the busiest days of the f*cking week.” 

@johnnieteague this is why i got fired from @Olive Garden….i apologize for delay:) #johnnieteague #olivegarden #fypシ #server #rant #foryou #manager ♬ original sound – Johnnie Teague

His shift started at 5:30pm, and he says he knew he would be one of the last to get cut. “The turnover rate at this job was terrible,” he says. Johnnie had worked there for a year and a half and says “it feels like I had been there for 5 years.” 

At the start of his shift, he complains about two old people in his section that ordered soup and salad. “Annoying,” he says. Then, he goes to the back and notices that nothing is in stock.

“I don’t see any breadsticks, I don’t see any soup,” he says. “Literally nothing and not a manager in sight,” he adds, raising his voice. 

Within the next hour, Johnnie assumes the restaurant will start to get busy. “I’m not doing everybody else’s f*cking job, so yeah I’m getting a little worked up,” he says. 

Johnnie says he asks his other co-workers for help. “I know sometimes I’m mean but I was NOT being mean,” he exclaims. 

“It’s a Friday night and when things start to speed up and when you guys are stressing and you need your food ran, then it’s my problem,” he tells his co-workers. Then Johnnie says he clapped back at a girl who he asked for help. “This is where I will say I am wrong,” he admits.

“I’ve already been here all day, so why don’t you ask people who haven’t been here all day?” Johnnie alleges the girl said. 

He responds, “If you’ve been here all f*cking day, then why the f*ck is nothing done?”

That apparent rudeness is what got him fired, but he doesn’t get into details in his viral TikTok. Viewers in the comment section support Johnnie saying they understand the struggles of being a server. “Honestly I feel ya, I literally over-stock so my other employees can do their job easier,” one says. 

“He is 100% telling the truth, I worked there and it is exactly like that,” another viewer says. 

With customers demanding booths and devouring Applebee’s boneless wings, it seems that Labor Day couldn’t come soon enough.

The Daily Dot reached out to Johnnie via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Aug 23, 2023, 9:30 pm CDT