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‘Am I overreacting?’: Mom shows ‘weird’ label inside of children’s clothes from Old Navy

‘This one just seemed a bit odd to me.’


Braden Bjella


A mom is sparking discussion after claiming to find a strange label inside of a set of children’s clothes.

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In a clip with over 251,000 views, TikTok user Victoria Cerezo (@victoria.cerezo) shows a tag on a set of clothes from Old Navy. Upon flipping the tag over, she discovers that it reads, “No grown-ups allowed.”

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“Am I just over reacting or is this just weird,” she asks in the text overlaying the video. In a comment, she adds, “They usually have cute little sayings under the tags lol, but this one just seemed a bit odd to me.”

What are the messages on Old Navy tags?

Many clothing items from Old Navy contain funny or spontaneous messages on their obverse side.

For example, one TikTok user showed that their Old Navy item simply said “Tag, you’re it.” Another tag found in a piece of children’s attire reads, “omg, so tiny!”

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As far as why the company does this, the reason is unclear, though it frequently garners a positive response online. One TikToker noted that it was a “cute touch” upon finding the tags, while a second simply stated “love it.”

It’s unclear the exact issue that Cerezo has with the message found on her clothes, but given that the message was found on children’s clothing, she could be connecting the message to child abuse. However, many commenters claimed that this was a reach.

“i think youre overthinking it lol,” said a user.

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“I think they mean like it’s a kids size so an adult wouldn’t fit in em but i definitely see how it sounds weird,” added another.

“it just means that a grown up can’t wear those pants, it’s just a joke,” echoed a third.

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Old Navy in the news

This isn’t the first time Old Navy has inspired online debate in recent months. 

For example, one user claimed that she spent almost $300 in the store, only to discover the items she purchased were available cheaper online. Another alleged that she found the brand “faking” a 50% off sale on children’s clothes, while a further internet user shared how she found pants for just $2 at the store.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cerezo via TikTok direct message and Old Navy via email.

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